LaMelo Ball’s High School Basketball Career Is Over

If you need any further proof that the high school basketball season has been replaced by the AAU summer hoops machine as the most important aspect of a prep star’s experience before suiting up in college, it’s now been given to us in the form of LaVar Ball pulling his star son LaMelo out of Chino Hills High School to train him on his own.

The 16-year-old junior will now be home-schooled and not play for any high school according to LaVar Ball.

“I’m going to make him the best basketball player ever,” LaVar told theLos Angeles Times.

Ramona Shelburne on Twitter

Just spoke to LaVar Ball on why he’s pulling his youngest son out of HS and home schooling him.

LaVar has had some well-publicized beefs with the previous and current Chino Hills coaches. The new coach, Dennis Latimore, is the school’s third coach in the last three years.

“It’s good for Melo,” LaVar said. “Less distractions. He just needs to focus.”

Former head Coach Steve Baik, who guided Chino Hills to 35-0 record two seasons ago and now coaches at Fairfax High School, told the Times, A year ago, a few months ago, I thought this could never happen. I am really disappointed it couldnt have worked out better for LaMelo and all the players. Theyre really good kids. If I knew it was going to end up this way, maybe I wouldnt have left. I didnt forsee this happening.

LaVar Ball pulls LaMelo out of Chino Hills | SC6 | ESPN

Ramona Shelburne joins SC6 to report that LaVar Ball is pulling his son, LaMelo, out of Chino Hills High School because he was not happy with the basketball coach.

LaMelo’s fans will have to wait until the AAU travel season tips off in the spring.

LaVar said LaMelo still intends to sign with UCLA.

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