Lakers, Rockets, Heat – No Matter What Team, Melo Doesn’t Get A Ring

    Carmelo Anthony has his sights set on becoming the starting forward for the Houston Rockets. After OKC basically paid Melo to go away, the 15-year veteran is looking to latch on with a team with championship possibilities

    In this Golden State Warriors Dynasty Era it will be very challenging for any other team to win, but early odds say The LABron James Lakers and Houston Rockets have outside shots at dethroning the champs. 

    Most fans are running for their dear lives from the thought of Melo joining their team. Deservedly or undeservedly so, Melo has developed the reputation of being a selfish, old, outdated, iso-player who is still a legend in his own mind. Hes gained a rep as a coach killer who refuses to buy into any role that doesnt involve him taking a majority of the shots. 

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    Rockets fans need not worry. Houston isn’t defeating Golden State with or without Melo. Especially with a significantly altered roster entering 2018-19. In fact, by the time Magic is finished maneuvering his roster and pursuing big names, the Rockets may not get past the Lakers if they meet in the playoffs. The Rockets are reportedly putting on a full court press for Melo after losing Trevor Ariza and Luc Mbah a Moute. Melo’s homie Chris Paul is all for forming a “Big Three” by adding Melo. Not sure how James Harden feels about that, but Houston would probably have the oldest “Big Three” in the NBA. 

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    Chris Paul wants to ‘Big Three’ the Rockets by adding Melo –

    If Melo joins the Lakers and LeBron,  making it past the second round will be a stretch with the current roster.  Adding Anthony surely wont change the complexion of the team and he’ll probably be a chemistry inhibitor, reluctant to relinquish playing time to younger players. 

    The Miami Heat are reportedly interested in Carmelo’s services as well. The Heat aren’t contenders and adding even a happy Melo won’t help them advance very fay in the Eastern Conference playoffs. 

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    According to NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski, the Lakers, Heat, and Rockets are among the top teams that want Carmelo Anthony.

    Besides, Heat fans have been saying they don’t want Melo since last season. 

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    Miami Heat Fans Make It Clear They Don’t Want Carmelo Anthony:

    Unless he could finagle himself onto the Warriors, which isnt going to happen now that Boogie Cousins has been added to the mix, Carmelo Anthony will retire with Hall of Fame stats and no championship glory. 

    Melo has played the free agent system to perfection as far as getting paid. He strong armed the Knicks.  He got paid by the Thunder, but failed to help improve the team and now he has gotten way from OKC, will get his money and can choose from several “contending” squads.  

    Unfortunately when the smoke clears and the 2019 NBA Trophy is being hoisted, Melo wont be a part of the team doing the celebrating. At this point, its just not in his destiny. Add his name to list list of supreme ballers who fell tragically short , along with Patrick Ewing, Charles Barkley and Karl Malone. 

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