Lakers Meet With LaVar Ball Over Criticism Of Luke Walton

If LaVar Ball has seemed a bit tight-lipped recently about all things concerning Lonzo Ball, its not just because hes been focusing his energies on orchestrating LiAngelo and LaMelos move to pro ball in Lithuania. Within the last two weeks, Lakers brass has met with LaVar to discuss his public criticisms of coach Luke Walton and the way Lonzo is being utilized, particularly late in the games. They asked him to tone it down a bit in order to create a more positive atmosphere around his son, who has become a target of NBA players because of the way his dad has chosen to execute his genius.

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The Lakers meet with LaVar Ball. #LakeShow

The meeting was called by Magic Johnson, the Lakers President of Basketball Operations and General Manager Rob Pelinka. ESPNs Ramona Shelburne asked LaVar how the said meeting went.

 It was the best thing, man,” Ball said. “Everybodys going to try to make it an ego thing, like Im trying to tell them what to do or theyre trying to tell me to tone it down. Its not about that. Its about coming together and to get a solution to this problem.

It may sound crazy to other people, but I really just want the best for Lonzo, and the best for Lonzo is going to be whats best for the organization. Because if everybody’s winning, we good.

Following the Knicks 113-109 overtime win over Lonzo and Crew at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday night, LaVar was asked how he feels about the Lakers not wanting him to be as outspoken

Thats what yall are saying, but behind closed doors man, we got a great communication, said LaVar who had to enjoy his sons 17-point performance against the Knicks and went back and forth with Spike Lee at courtside throughout the evening. People are going to try to twist what Im saying and what theyre saying, but it’s not going to happen because we gonna get these Ws. Here we come. 

Finally, the Lakers are trying to contain LaVar’s spontaneity a bit for the good of Lonzo and the team. Lonzos rookie season has been unique and difficult, as hes not only had to overcome the growing pains of NBA life on the court, but also the disdain and low key animosity he faces by the scrutiny and attention created by his marketing maven father. 

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Last week The Shadow League reported that the Lakers are going to enforce the “LaVar Ball Rule,” which prohibits media members from the area of the arena that holds family and friends of players after games at Staples Center. 

The Lakers are bending over backwards to accommodate The Big Baller Brand and keep the relationship between the two parties cordial, but they cant give the appearance that LaVar is running the show. 

LaVar has overstepped his boundaries several times, but this latest meeting has seemed to quiet him a bit, but we know that there ain’t a deal in the world not written on paper that LaVar Ball will respect if his emotions get the best of him and he sees something he doesnt like. 

The Saga continues in LA.  

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