“L.O., The Afterlife Is Not What People Make It Up To Be”: Kobe Bryant Is Still Visiting Lamar Odom In His Dreams

Two-time NBA champion Lamar Odom’s close relationship with his former teammate, the late Kobe Bryant, is legendary, and Odom believes that their bond is still here. The Queens native recently revealed how his relationship with Bryant extends into the afterlife when he is asleep.

“He does often visit me in my dreams. The last dream that I had about him, he said, ‘L.O., the afterlife is not what people make it up to be,” said to Nick Hamilton of Nitecast Media. I don’t know what he meant by that if he was scared of whatever, but he was dear to me, he was dear to the city of L.A. We’re going to miss him and wish his family the best.”

Missing Kobe

Odom truly misses his friend, and whether they talk when he is asleep or if it’s a manifestation of someone he misses dearly is yet to be proven. Odom has seen his share of challenges over the years, including drug addiction, and he cites Bryant as an example of some “practicing to be great.”

“He was just an easy example to follow. If you’ve got sense and you see someone that wants to be great, practicing that everyday, that’s really easy to follow,” Odom continued.

The revelation is not the first time Odom has admitted he sees Bryant in his dreams. He told Shannon Sharpe on the “Club Shay Shay” podcast last year that Bryant visited him while he was a cast member on the “Big Brother” reality competition show.

Mamba Forever

“He comes to me in dreams, too. When I was on the Big Brother house, I was there for 26 days, he came to me, like, in four dreams,” Odom said on the Club Shay Shay podcast. “The last dream, it was really, real vivid. He said something to me that I’m not gonna ever, ever forget.

“We were having a shooting contest, and Kobe was so good at shooting the ball because he can step into the ball with either foot, left or right. Then we get to the top of the key and my feet are not right and it’s a little deeper and we get to the three-point line, right wing, and he looked back at me, he said, ‘L.O., the afterlife ain’t what people make it up to be.'”

Whether Odom was referencing this dream or a more recent one in his latest interview is unknown, but apparently, Kobe wants the world to know what they think they know about the afterlife is all wrong. Kobe is still dropping dimes on our heads, courtesy of Lamar Odom, even in his next plane of life.

Thank you, Black Mamba.

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