Agree Or Disagree With His Decision, But Just Don’t Bet Against Murray

Two-sport phenom Kyler Murray has informed the Oakland A’s that his top priority is becoming a franchise NFL quarterback.

With this year’s NFL draft starting on April 25 and spring training already underway for the Oakland A’s, Kyler Murray milked his “decision” until the very end, choosing to pursue his gridiron dream over becoming a diamond-miner.

Murray is looking to become the shortest QB ever drafted in the first round of the NFL.

It’s pretty simple when you think about it. Murray’s passion for football is greater than baseball. If he took the quick MLB money and never gave himself a chance to find out if he could make it as an NFL quarterback, he’d be living with regret in the back of his mind forever.  He believes he’s the best quarterback in the draft more than he believes he can become the best baseball player in the game.

It also tells you something about the competitiveness and character of Murray. He’s a leader who embraces the toughest challenges. When you tell the 5-foot-10 Heisman-winning quarterback that he can’t do something, he immediately sets out to prove you wrong.

That philosophy of embracing the ultimate challenge has been embedded in his mind since he was a high school kid in Texas competing for the prestigious quarterback position. There’s no more high profile position than NFL QB and baseball players just don’t get that type of love. 

It would be very hard for Murray to become a piece of the puzzle on a minor league baseball roster when he’s been “the man” all his life.  Therefore, the 21-year-old followed his heart and not the money train. And while it baffles some, that he would choose a sport that is known to cause CTE, over one in which he could easily enjoy a lucrative 10-year career; the choice was a no-brainer for Murray.

The more draft analysts questioned his size and commitment to the game, the more Murray was pushed towards his gridiron dream.  

At one point, he thought his future was in baseball. Maybe it still is. However, his football window is a small one and he is looking to jump through it while he can.

Oakland Athletics GM David Frost isn’t going to try and stop him.

“This is about Kyler,” Frost told reporters. “This isn’t about what it meant for the A’s. We picked him because we thought he was going to be an incredible baseball player. That may still happen someday but his games at OU were not about the A’s. “

Ninth-year manager Bob Melvin says he’s just happy he doesn’t have to watch Murray play in football games anymore and hold his breath, hoping he doesn’t get hurt.

“With the success, he’s had you couldn’t help but start to think at some point and time is this going to be the way he’s going to go? And once he got the Heisman…you had a feeling it might go in that direction.”

Murray gave us a quick preview of his ability to call audibles at the line of scrimmage with this decision. Most people thought Murray’s Heisman victory would be his fitting farewell to football.

As the NFL Draft drew closer — and mock drafts projected Murray to go as high as 13th to the Brian Flores and the Miami Dolphins —  Murray decided to go all in. Go for the glory and bet on himself rather than a nest egg.

Murray will now devote 100 percent of his energies to the quarterback position, one of the most complex and demanding in all of sports. The A’s are still holding onto a faint hope that he will still try his hand at baseball in the near future.

But we’ll probably never see Murray in an Oakland A’s uniform again.

As far as NFL scouts are concerned, Kyler’s decision to choose the uncertainty of football and pay back his MLB bonus, shows his commitment, passion for the game and ability to make independent decisions under pressure. In this case, playing baseball would have been taking the easy way out. Murray isn’t finished feeding his youthful desires and pushing the envelope. 

Even if you don’t agree with Murray’s decision, you better not bet against him.  

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