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Agree Or Disagree With His Decision, But Just Don’t Bet Against Murray

Two-sport phenom Kyler Murray has informed the Oakland A's that his top priority is becoming a franchise NFL quarterback. With this year's NFL draft starting...

TSL High Heat Playoff Poker: Ned Yost Was A Managerial Punchline 


The magnitude of Kansas City Royals skipper Ned Yost’s accomplishments with this unheralded and underrated band of baseballers was bluntly and explicitly expressed by my sports radio partner Champ from Detroit (<

TSL High Heat: Billy Beane’s Dealings With The Devil Has Oakland In Hot Water


Sorry to burst your bubble Sabermetrics Nation, but your daddy Billy Beane screwed up.

When the Oakland A’s VP/GM channeled his inner-George Steinbrenner and went H.A.

TSL High Heat: Roll Out The Royal Carpet Again For The Kansas City Kids


Last season the Pittsburgh Pirates were the 2014 Kansas City Royals; a MLB franchise with a proud, rich history but stuck in an abyss of stingy owners, horrible players and 100-loss seasons.

Last September the baseball world was celebrating



The MLB’s Midsummer Classic will be played on Tuesday, July 15th at Minnesota’s Target Field. The MLB’s 85th annual All-Star Game marks the unofficial halfway point in the lo

AL Playoffs Preview: It’s Now Or Never For The Tigers 


If Detroit doesn’t win it all this time, somebody has got to pay the piper and it probably will be skipper Jim Leyland. Heads are once again picking the Tigers to final

The Oakland A’s Cover Band Is Now A Super Group


The Oakland A’s are like your average cover band. They have no superstar lead singers. They are G Unit without 50 cent, Young Money without Weezy, or “The G

2013 MLB Preview: It’s All About Money Trees


The beauty of baseball lies in its uncertainty, from the way the grass is manicured, the differing park dimensions, the umpires varying strike zones and the varying visibility of balls in day and night games.

All of these elements either

MLB Playoffs Check-In: Are These Baseball Games Or Luke Videos?


The first few games of the MLB Division Series has the evenly matched squads executing the

MLB Playoff Preview: Who’s Getting To The Series?


And then there were eight teams left in the 12Page 1 of 2