Best NBA Twitter Reactions After Knicks Airball On Zion

As all Knicks’ fans should know by now, never let them play you for your heart.

On Monday and Tuesday, New York Knicks fans were gassed up over the belief that the team would will the draft lottery and secure the right to select Zion Williamson with the first overall pick in the NBA Draft in June.

But Knicks fans should know by now to never let the team play you for your heart because you already know.

It seemed to be a real possibility once the Lakers fell into the fourth spot, which left only the Knicks, Memphis, and New Orleans. But there was no way the Grizzlies or the Pelicans could win. They’re not worthy. They haven’t suffered through what Knicks fans have suffered through. They have endured the pain of being a Knicks fan.

There was no way they could lose, especially not after Spike Lee uttered his own prayer on IG, asking the basketball gods to bless them with the number one pick.

But these are the Knicks, so of course, the next words uttered on television by Deputy Commissioner Mark Tatum were “the third pick goes to….the New York Knicks.”


The five boroughs all groaned at the same time and all Patrick Ewing could do was smile, but inside you know he was saying “this is some bull…..”

Pelicans’ head coach Alvin Gentry, on the other hand, was cursing for another reason, all of it good.

Well, you know what happened next. Yes, fans took to Twitter and it was on. Here are some of the best reactions to a deflating night for fans of the orange and blue:






But don’t be too disappointed loyal Knicks fans. With the third pick, the team is in position to select either RJ Barrett from Duke or Ja Morant from Murray State, two very talented players. They’re also flush with cap space, so things look promising at MSG.

Yet despite all of these positive signs, all Knicks fans have that feeling inside that things will go wrong. KD and Kyrie won’t sign with New York this summer and the team will draft Frederic Weis 2.0. We’ll all find out in about 6 weeks.

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