Spike Lee Issues His Own Prayer For All Knicks Fans Tonight

Spike let it all out in his IG post.

There is probably no more recognizable Knicks fan than Brooklyn’s own, Spike Lee.

We’ve watched him cheer his squad on through thick and thin over the last four decades, and tonight the Knicks have a chance at bringing greatness back to the Garden during the NBA Draft Lottery.

In preparation, Spike took to IG to issue a prayer for all Knicks fans as they await the team’s fate tonight. With Patrick Ewing repping the Knicks, Spike is hoping for the magic from 1985 to repeat itself so they can get Zion Williamson. So if you’re a Knicks fan, repeat after Spike.

“Dear Basketball Gods Of Da Holiest And Most Powerful, Praises Be To Youse. I’m On Bended Knee Awaiting Your Magnificent Blessings. It Is Time Once Again To Receive Youse Divine Touch To Our Orange And Blue Skies. Basketball Gods I Was There At Da Garden. 13 Years Old,May 8th,1970- Game 7 Versus The Wilt Chamberlain,Jerry West And Elgin Baylor Los Angeles Lakers.I Witnessed Your Work In Person.Willis Reed Dragging His Leg Out To The Court. It Was The Loudest Roar I Have Ever, Ever Heard In My Life.

The New York Knicks Won Our 1st Of 2 NBA Championships. My Boyhood Hero-Walt “Clyde Frazier Scored 36 Points,19 Assists And 6 Rebounds.,Basketball Gods I Remember How You Blessed Us On May 12th, 1985 On The Very 1st NBA Lottery. Our Dearly Beloved Dave DeBusschere (Picked The Lucky Envelope?????), Chose The Number One Player Coming Out Of College-My Main Man Patrick Ewing Of Georgetown University. And As Fate Would Have It Patrick Will Be Reppin’ Da Knicks Tomorrow. I Was One Of The Faithful Who Spent That Same Night On Line To Purchase My 2 Season Tickets In The Green Seats. Yeah,I Didn’t Start Sitting Courtside.

Every Film I Worked My Way Down To Da Wood.

Dear Basketball Gods,We Need Your Blessings Again. Please Do Not Turn Youse Backs On Ya Orange And Blue Disciples. Isn’t It Ironic That We Call Upon A Biblical Name? ZION. MOUNT ZION. May I Go To GOOD BOOK? In Psalm 87:2-3 It States “The Lawd Loves The Gates Of Zion More Than All The Other Dwellings Of Jacob,Glorious Things Are Said Of Your City Of God”. Lawdy,It Would Be Very Righteous If Zion Dwelled In Da World’s Most Famous Arena On Ya Planet Earth-Madison Square Garden-Da Mecca? Dear Basketball Gods Please Take Your Faithful Out Of The Wilderness To The Heavenly Orange And Blue Skies. We Don’t Think That Is Too Much To Ask Considering We Haven’t Had A NBA Championship In 46 Years. It Hurts To Even Type That????????????????????.

In Closing Basketball Gods Can You Please Drop A Hint To KD. He’s Also One Of Your Chosen.

In Da Name Our Father Red Holzman We Trust, All Glory Belongs To You, Your Servant, Spike Lee- Da People’s Republic Of Brooklyn.????????????????????????????????????????????????????”

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