Knicks Regain Pole Position From Jets As Worst Organization In NYC

Months after the Knicks won 50 games for the first time in over a decade, James Dolan inexplicably decided it was time for a change. So he reached for a blast to the past in ex-MSG President Steve Mills.

Mills, who was in charge for 10 absymal years before he was demoted in 2008, was the mastermind behind the hiring of Isiah Thomas. On the flipside, Glen Grunwald is the exec who decided to let Jeremy Lin walk. He also finished third in voting for executive of the year last season. Grunwald and Mike Woodson were teammmates at Indiana University  under Bobby Knight, so likely the Knicks head coach is pissed. Even if Dolan was unhappy with the direction of the Knicks, why recycle Mills?

One theory floating around is that Mills is a placeholder for Allan Houston, the current assistant general manager. Either way, the Knicks are making the Jets look like a championship organization. Knicks fans, time to look yourselves in the mirror and try on some Brooklyn Nets gear. The Giants are 0-3, but at least they're a stable organization.

The Knicks just can't get out of their own way. James Dolan is the type of person that would swim halfway across the Hudson and then swim back once he starts cramping  a little. The Knicks were three-quarters of the way to relevancy and now they appear to be moving in reverse. Woodson's position is no longer safe, Carmelo Anthony can opt out next summer and Dolan just reminded everyone who's really pulling the strings in Madison Square Garden.