Keyshawn, JWill And Max Slander Russell Wilson’s Legacy | “I Don’t Think He’s As Good As He’s Made Out To Be”

Russell Wilson has dealt with his share of naysayers on and off the field. From teams not believing he’d be a starter in the league, let alone a Pro Bowl player, to former player-turned-podcast co-host Channing Crowder calling him a cornball.

Through all of the unwarranted doubt, criticism and ridicule, Wilson just keeps on winning.

ESPN personalities Keyshawn, JWill & Max presented a segment Friday morning on “KJM” about players who have changed team addresses this offseason and whether they might come to regret their decisions.

A one-sided debate then ensued about Russell Wilson’s Hall of Fame worthiness.

Max Kellerman began by implying that Russell’s tenure in Denver will somehow solidify or sink his Hall of Fame standing.

 “Now we’re going to see what Russell Wilson’s got, and he may not be the quarterback that a lot of us thought he was,” Kellerman said. “We’re about to find out the answer to that question”


Wilson was traded to the Broncos after ten seasons in Seattle. During those ten seasons he led the Seahawks to a 104-53-1 record, eight playoff appearances, two Super Bowl appearances and one Super Bowl win, while passing for nearly 38,000 yards, 292 touchdowns and just 87 interceptions. Point blank, Russ is a winner and leader.

This past season he also joined Peyton Manning as one of the only two QBs with 100 wins in their first 10 seasons as an NFL starter.


Russell Wilson Is Fastest QB To 100 Wins | He’s Showing Us How To Win In Life


Will Russ Regret Leaving Seattle? He Voided No-Trade Clause To Leave

Russell Wilson had a trump card in that he had a no-trade clause and could block being moved to any team he didn’t deem in win-now mode.

There were rumors that the Washington Commanders offered a big haul to acquire Wilson, but he declined to waive the clause. Also the Seahawks didn’t really want to trade him in the NFC.

Enter the Broncos, who had a ton of draft capital and have been looking for a competent signal caller since Peyton Manning retired following the team’s Super Bowl 50 win.

Russ instantly makes the Broncos better. Some say he elevates Denver to Super Bowl levels.

Bold Claim By Dan Orlovsky: Russell Wilson Trade Makes Denver Broncos Offense “Best In AFC West”


Others, are still sleeping on his impact as an elite player.

“KJM” show producer Evan Wilner even got in on the segment.

“Yeah, that’s why I think he does regret (leaving Seattle). I think there’s more on him now. There’s more of a spotlight on Russell Wilson. He could sort of hide in Seattle, where he had already won a Super Bowl. Like, I think the expectations differ on him now if he doesn’t win a Super Bowl with the Broncos. … I don’t think he’s as good as he’s made out to be … top 15, he’s not top 10 for me.”

That’s a strange take, because Wilson’s had pressure on him the last four to five years. The Super Bowl was nearly 10 years ago and was in large part due to the defense. So Russ knows there’s pressure to win for any top QB in the league, no matter where he plays.

If there is more pressure on Russ it’s only because Denver has a better roster on paper than his previous team. And Russ has already shown he can do more with less by carrying to great heights a Seahawks team devoid of talent in key spots the past five seasons.

Keyshawn Says Story Is Still Being Written:

Wilner fronted hard on Wilson’s Hall of Fame status, while Keyshawn says Wilson’s NFL legacy is still being formulated.

 “Don’t bring me into this, his story is still being written” Keyshawn said. Max piggybacked Key’s comments by saying Russ could play his way “in or out” of Canton with this Denver move.


Already Elite & HOF-Worthy 

What they’re missing is Wilson has already done enough to be considered heavily for the Hall of Fame. And based on his career play, he’ll continue to add to his résumé with a much more talented and complete roster in the “Mile High City.”

The man passed for 25 touchdowns and just six interceptions this past season while missing the first games of his career due to injury.

“Bet on Russ.” He’s got plenty left in the tank and, contrary to what some believe, he has nothing to prove.

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