Kevin Hart To Lend Voice to Animated Movie

    Comedian Kevin Hart is proof positive that when it’s your time to shine can’t nobody stop your flow.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hart and actor Ed Helms will provide their voices to the big-screen adaption of a children’s book Captain Underpants, penned by The Muppets screenwriter Nicholas Stoler. They will be joined in the project by Comedy Central stars Nick Kroll and Jordan Peele.  The movie is based on the misadventures of two fourth graders, voiced by Hart and centering on the adventures of two mischievous fourth graders voiced by Hart and Thomas Middleditch (The Wolf of Wall Street), things quickly spiral out of control when their favorite superhero comes to life from the pages of a comic book. Helms voices the boys' power-mad principal, Mr. Krupp, Peele plays their geeky nemesis, Melvin, and Kroll takes on wretched super villain Professor Poopypants. The Underpants series was first published by Scholastic back in 1996. There have been several books based on the hero that have premiered as New York Times best-sellers.