Kevin Durant Is An NBA Champion So You Can Apologize Now

“Debate this” Nike told us at the end of the 2017 NBA Finals. 

Nike on Twitter

Debate This. @KDTrey5 is now a world champion. #NikeBasketball

But there’s no debating anything, unless it’s the number of apologies that Stephen A. Smith and others across the world owe Kevin Durant for the hate, shade and belittling they gave him the second he revealed he was signing with the Golden State Warriors last summer.

Even when he hurt his knee and was out for a few weeks, the hate spewing from the spigot of doubters could not be deterred, some almost cheering his injury as a personal “I told you he couldn’t do it” moment of self-gratification.

But after the 2017 NBA Finals, Kevin Durant….excuse me. NBA Finals Champion and MVP Kevin Durant, put on a performance that all NBA fans should appreciate and cherish. Durant didn’t just join the Championship ready Golden State Warriors and bask in the limelight of the Splash Brothers. Durant commanded and demanded the ball during his Finals domination and blasted through everyone who attempted to guard him, including LeBron James.

Warriors Revenge

NBA Finals averages of 35.2 points, 8.4 rebounds and 5.4 assists per game proved KD was on some next level “ish”, a level that only a few of the great ones have been able to produce. He dunked, rained threes and blocked shots en route to a post-season run of 16-1, the only loss being Game 4 of the Finals where he still dropped 35/4/4, respectively.

Durant was beyond spectacular, exceeding both analyst and fan expectations. He snatched the position as the face of the franchise during the Finals, and even the haters and basketball talking heads had to appreciate how he elevated his game to the point where he even overshadowed LeBron James’ amazing performance, which included breaking Magic Johnson’s record of triple-doubles in the NBA Finals and dropping 41/13/8 in a Game 5 loss.

@kingjames made #NBAFinals history again on Friday night.

25 Likes, 2 Comments – The Shadow League (@theshadowleague) on Instagram: “@kingjames made #NBAFinals history again on Friday night.”

“We did it,” Durant said. “I told you when I was 8 years old. We did it.”

Words of emotion he told his mother near center court after donning his NBA Championship hat, fulfilling a promise that started decades ago when he was a young boy learning to dribble and shoot. It’s a promise that only a select few get actually get to fulfill, but Durant was able to do just that. 

Could Golden State have won it without Durant this year? Honestly we don’t know and it doesn’t really matter. Durant proved to be immune to the stinging criticism leveled at him from many, including ESPN’s Stephen A., and nothing is better than proving the doubters wrong in the way in which he did it. Leading the team on both ends of the floor, making the hard shots look smooth and easy, stepping to the line and calmly draining 32 of 35 free throws during the Finals and overtly expressing the emotions of winning an NBA Championship as he walked down the court with under a minute left in the game.

Kevin Durant Mix 2017 – Enemies

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This was Durant’s time. His moment that no one could snatch away. A moment that he carried with him from DC to Maryland, Texas, Seattle, Oklahoma City and The Bay.

Pundits who blasted Durant for “taking the easy route” to a championship will either try to stubbornly and foolishly defend their original criticism or, almost dismissively, eat some humble pie. But knowing Durant, he won’t even care. He’s an NBA Champion, NBA Finals MVP and made his Mother proud. 

Keep your apology. He’ll be just fine.

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