Kenny Vacarro Is Getting Under The Offense’s Skin At Saints Training Camp

Saints rookie Kenny Vacarro is not making friends as a rookie in Saints camp. Well, at least he isn't with his offensive teammates after picking fights with teammates in the locker room. Vacarro steamrolled running back Pierre Thomas during a non-contact drill last Tuesday and two days later, he took a swipe at fullback Austin Johnson, then threw running back Travis Cadet to the ground by the shoulder pads.

On Wednesday, Vacarro beat Jimmy Graham for a catch and then threw the ball at Graham’s head, but Vacarro was nonchalant about the incident later..


"It almost turned into a brawl, but we're both cool," Vaccaro said. "We understand that we're just competing and sometimes things get heated."

"I love football. I'm reckless," Vaccaro said. "That's just the way I am. I have a physical nature. If anything you have to slow me down before you speed me up. I approach every practice like that and it's not going to stop until somebody says, 'Hey, relax,' Every team needs a guy that's going to be like that — a little craziness, a little edge to him."

"Offensive guys obviously don't like it. I think Rob (Ryan) loves it," Vaccaro said. "Everybody is watching and everybody sees. Real recognize real."

At long as Vacarro gets out on the field on Sundays and makes magic happen in the Saints secondary, this will all be forgotten. Saints offensive players may not like, but it's nice to see a Saints defender doing the pushing instead of getting pushed around last season when they fielded one of the worst defenses in NFL history.