Kendrick Lamar Endorsed Jay-Z For President At The Grammys

Nobody in the musically majestic Carter residence performed at the Grammys or won one last night. Beyonce got snubbed for “Lemonade” last year and quietly watched the action. Jay Z kindly had eight nominations, but fell short of a nod and had already passed on performing this year. 

Kendrick Lamar, however, would not let Jay-Z’s status or presence be forgotten on this night. Lamar set the show off with a powerful performance and when he accepted one of his four Grammys on the night, the Cali-rapper turned freedom lyricist said, Jay-Z for President. 

Lamar wasnt actually endorsing Jay for president, but speaking to his leadership, the maturity and regal manner in which the Brooklyn boy turned global icon articulated himself on “The Van Jones Show” on CNN the night before. He was very proud of the representation of a man who is living proof of what the African-American community is capable of with an opportunity. Particularly in light of the dark shadow that Donald Trump has acted over this country.  

Jay-Z refers to Trump as ‘superbug’

Jay-Z talks about President Trump’s “shithole countries” remarks with CNN’s Van Jones.

Jay-Z talked everything from Trump to Kaepernick to his marriage struggles and sounded like a well informed advocate, thought-provoking , well-educated trumpeter for the needs, experiences and advancement of people of color in this country. 

Of course Donald Trump responded to Jay-Zs interview with a Tweet in true combative, divisive and self-adulating Trump fashion. 

Donald J. Trump on Twitter

Somebody please inform Jay-Z that because of my policies, Black Unemployment has just been reported to be at the LOWEST RATE EVER RECORDED!

The President decided to bring up black unemployment as if Jay-Z should now be grateful that black people are getting jobs and excuse him for all of his other sinful behavior as POTUS. Just another example of Trump living in his own world and by his own agenda. 

Anything Trump is taking credit for now is just him living off the fumes of the Obama administration as Hot 97s morning host Ebro put it. It is also interesting and indicative of Trump’s contempt towards people of color how Eminem straight up ripped him at the BET Awards — even challenged his manhood — and  POTUS had nothing to Tweet about it, but he found the time to to go on a racially-motivated Twitter rant to discredit the words of another person of color who can see right through his act. 

Eminem Rips Donald Trump In BET Hip Hop Awards Freestyle Cypher

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