KD Has Entered The Chat, And The Future Hall of Famer Is Fed Up With These Hot Takes And Debates


Kevin Durant is back at it again with his social media antics. While he usually can be seen defending himself in the comment section of posts about him and his career, KD recently took it a step further and jumped into a live voice chat to address people talking about his career,

According to multiple sources, Durant jumped into Twitter Spaces to talk to fans debating whether Kevin Durant was a top 5 player. Durant had some choice words for these guys and their debates. 

“I just think how y’all even look at the game is wack as f**k,” Durant said during the frank online conversation. “You factor in team success when you talking about players. I just think how y’all consume the game is trash. Like, are you good or not?

“I mean some things could be that simple. Are you just good or not? I mean, a lot of people have seen it for a long time brother and it’s OK. These lists don’t really mean nothing anyway, so why are you getting so upset about ’em?” he continued. 

KD’s Not Having It

It’s no surprise to anyone that KD is on social media going back and forth with fans, as he is notorious for publicly defending himself online, and in 2017 he got caught with a burner social media account trying to defend himself. But now he doesn’t want to hide from his naysayers, and he took the debate to them.

People make tons of arguments to go against KD’s greatness, how talented he is as a player, and where he ranks all time as a player. Many bring up his inability to win with OKC, his signing with the Golden State Warriors to be one of the most unstoppable teams in basketball, or how he’s constantly switching teams when he doesn’t get his way. 

But one of the most recent arguments that caught flame after Bradley Beal was traded to the Phoenix Suns from the Washington Wizards was that KD could not win championships with superteams or all-star teammates. 

KD, traded from Brooklyn to Phoenix last season, was still trying to find his footing in Phoenix and gain chemistry with his teammates. After the Sun’s second-round exit against the Denver Nuggets in the playoffs, the Suns acquired Beal in the offseason, getting rid of Chris Paul in the process. 

Immediately after adding another all-star to their roster that already contains KD, Devin Booker, and Deandre Ayton, Phoenix looks like one of the favorites to win the championship next season.

Still K-E-V

While the Phoenix Suns are doing everything possible to maximize the championship window with their all-star core, many fans are looking at this team structure and pointing out that KD has formed another superteam on the Suns.

After his superteam in Brooklyn, composed of him, James Harden (later replaced with Ben Simmons), and Kyrie Irving, didn’t work out he was traded to Phoenix, where he now plays with another superteam on a quest to win a title. 

While fans are stuck on the point that KD, for all he’s hyped up to be, cannot win alone, or needs a superteam to win. Meanwhile, KD doesn’t want to hear these arguments, and he much rather goes off of skill and what you can take from face value without looking into extra stuff. 

Durant claims that he loves to receive backlash for his basketball career and that he goes back and forth with them on the internet because it fuels him, but regardless of how the Suns’ season ends, Durant will be in a position to receive backlash anyway.

If Phoenix wins with their new superteam, KD just won another championship on a stacked team. If Phoenix cannot secure a title with this roster, then fans will tear into KD for not being able to win with the squad he is on, so either way he won’t be able to escape the critics, and this ring will do little to nothing when trying to elevate KD’s legacy.

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