Kap Gets A Million Dollar Book Deal, But Would Rather Play Football

Yesterday Pro Football Talk broke the news that unemployed NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick had signed a book deal with Random House Publishing worth more than $1 million.

But right now, neither the subject of the book nor a projected release date have been released.  As The Shadow League vigilantly tallies the number of moribund quarterbacks being added to the rosters franchises that know better, Kap still waits. Its hard to tell which will happen first at this moment, a signing or hell freezing over.

Sporting News on Twitter

Colin Kaepernick has landed a $1 million book deal. Here’s what we know so far: https://t.co/nHTEy2li5o

A Super Bowl QB rushing record languishes in a league that continues to incorporate the read option. It’s utter insanity. 

“Hello, Nose.  My name is Face and I’m going to cut you off to spite myself.”

In the meantime, Kap has initiated legal proceedings against the National Football League for alleged collusion among the owners 

Kaepernick and his legal representation believe that he was the victim of a league-wide conspiracy designed to keep him from ever getting a job again. A sacrifice, whether knowingly given or otherwise, was made and the mainstream reacted almost en mass and in unison.

Such is the punishment for all world-changers and would-be revolutionaries. 

The status quo, like the Empire, always strikes back.  Kap’s growing movement began during the NFL preseason last year while the national anthem played, first by him sitting and then by taking a knee. 

This season, dozens of players continue kneeling during the national anthem as the NFL scrambles to incorporate elements of social activism recognition and awareness into its many philanthropic and charitable undertakings. Kaepernick is simultaneously being prevented from plying his wares in the NFL while the league literally steals the thunder from the protest movement he began.

Charles Robinson on Twitter

Colin Kaepernick was invited by #NFL players to attend next meeting w/ owners and will attend. Players are happy to have him join, I’m told.

As the protests were winding down by all outside indicators, Donald Trump breathed new life into it by calling NFL and NBA players who protested during the anthem sons of bitches.

Kapernick’s Know Your Rights campaign was started to raise awareness on self-empowerment and interacting with law enforcement, and he has donated more than $1 million toward social justice initiatives and causes across the nation over the past year.

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