Superstar QB Patrick Mahomes Brings Whataburger To Kansas and Missouri

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has already laid down business roots in Kansas City, Missouri. From minority ownership stakes in both the Kansas City Royals and Sporting KC franchises – to the launch of his youth-centric charitable foundation 15 & The Mahomies. One could say that he has ingratiated himself well to the region and with his fans.


Patrick Mahomes Now Part Owner of the Kansas City Royals


With his latest venture, he is planning to bring one of his favorite restaurants from his previous home of Texas to his current home of Kansas City – by teaming up with a local ownership group to bring nearly 30 Whataburger restaurants throughout Kansas and Missouri, with concentration in the K.C. area.

The Texan Patrick Mahomes is part of KMO Burger, a franchise group based out of Texas that will bring the Whataburger restaurants to Missouri and Kansas over the course of the next seven years.



“I love Kansas City and I love Whataburger,” the Chiefs quarterback said in a statement. “I’m excited to help bring a gift from my first home to my second home.”

Mahomes further discussed why he wanted to bring Whataburger to the Kansas City area during an interview with NBC Sports.

“Obviously being from Texas, you have a lot of Texas pride and Whataburger is at the forefront of that,” Mahomes said. “And I’ve always ate Whataburger since I was a little kid. And then when I got older, I’d babysit my brother and there was a Whataburger literally down the street, and we would always grab that and kind of have that while my mom was working.”

It wasn’t that long ago that Mahomes was lobbying his case in tweets, although at the time wasn’t in the plans.

Now, the first of the restaurants will open in 2022.

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