Kaepernicking Kicks Tebowing To The Curb

Kaepernicking is cool, but it isn’t new.  The move has, for now, blown “Tebowing” out of the water and may become bigger than “planking,” if the 49er run continues this season. 

Kaepernick has been great since replacing Alex Smith as starting QB for the 49ers and was dominant during his team’s 45-31 playoff victory over the Green Bay Packers. 

Kaepernick’s performance was incredible: He rushed for 181 yards and threw for 263 giving him four touchdowns. Games like that are liable to start trends in this social media climate in which we live. 

But, before we go too crazy, let’s make sure we pay homage to cats who have done it before. 

Jesse “The Body” Ventura was kissing his muscles and flexing back in 1982, five years before Colin Kaepernick was born. 



Before Ron Artest went Metta World Peace he was showing love to his biceps after making big plays while winning a ring with the Lakers. 



Kapernick has a good thing right now but he’s got to make sure he pays homage. Hate to see him on the business end of a Lil Kim rant for not showing respect. 



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