Justin Upton Gets KO’d By A Wine Glass

Justin Upton doesnt get his props as one of the consistent and premier five-tool players in the game. When the MLB tastemakers start discussing marketbale African-American stars, Uptons name is often overlooked. It’s been a pattern throughout a career that has seen his amass 282 homers by the age of 30, joining some iconic company in the process.  

When Justin first hit the MLB scene, his success was overshadowed by his brother Melvin Upton Jr. AKA BJ, who was already a 20-20 threat for a rising Tampa Bay Rays squad. BJ’s career eventually fizzled out in 2016. Justins took flight as he hit a career-high 35 homers in 2017 and became a certified superstar. 

Since he signed a huge contract with The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim,  Uptons skills have been overshadowed by Mike Trout, considered the games elite player and a two-time MVP,  as well as with the arrival of two-way Japanese sensation Shohei Ohtani. Rarely publicized is the fact that for the past decade, Upton has been a consistent 20-20 threat with three seasons of 30 plus bombs. 

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Justin Upton Is A Beast

This season was shaping up to be a typical one for Upton, who has 26 HRs and 74 RBIs in 122 games for the Angels. On Tuesday, Upton was placed on the 10-day DL with a cut on his left index finger. Upton said that he cut his hand on a broken wine glass at his home on Sunday and received four stitches on his left index finger. 

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Upton said he cut his finger on a broken wine glass at his home in Arizona on Sunday night. He got 4 stitches. #Angels

The Angels (63-64) arent in the playoff hunt, but losing their second best player for over a week wont help retiring Angels manager Mike Scioscia finish his 19-year career off in style. 

“You keep going,” Scioscia said Tuesday. “You’re certainly not going to sit back and feel sorry for yourself, or no one’s going to feel sorry for you.”

Upton, just 30, has already bombed 282 career homers. He’s in his prime as a player and signed a 5-year, $106 million contract with LA in 2017. When the organization finally gets its ship rerouted towards winning again, the Black Knight will be a huge part of the formula.  He just needs to stay away from the wine glasses. 

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