Judge Upholds NDA Signed By Tiger Woods’ Ex Erica Herman | She Can’t Go Public And Will Have To Go Through Arbitration For The $30 Million She Seeks

On Wednesday a Florida Judge ruled that golf legend Tiger Woods‘ ex Erica Herman must adhere to the NDA she signed in 2017 and cannot reveal anything publicly about her time with the 15-time Grand Slam winner. The lawsuits Herman has pending against Woods and a trust that owns his beachside mansion in Florida must be resolved in arbitration behind closed doors.

Florida Circuit Court Judge Elizabeth Metzger, in an 11-page opinion, rejected Herman’s motion to break the NDA under the federal Speak Out Act.

Judge’s Decision On Herman’s Motion To Quash The NDA

The Federal Speak Out Act prohibits the judicial enforceability of a nondisclosure clause or nondisparagement clause agreed to before a dispute arises involving sexual assault or sexual harassment in violation of federal, tribal, or state law.

In her opinion Metzger called Herman’s sexual assault claim against Woods “vague and threadbare.”

“Herman has had the opportunity [to] provide factual specificity for any claim relating to sexual assault or sexual harassment, however, she has not done so,” Metzger wrote.

Woods’ attorneys have maintained their client’s innocence and said Herman is a jilted ex-girlfriend.

In documents filed with the court Herman alleges that Woods’ team told her to pack a suitcase for a vacation and when they dropped her off at the airport they told her she was being locked out of Woods’ home in Hobe Sound, Florida, where they lived together for six years.

Basis For Herman’s Lawsuit Against Tiger Woods

Herman’s $30 million lawsuit alleges that she performed “valuable services” for Woods in exchange for living rent-free.

Herman says there was an “oral” tenancy agreement that was supposed to last five years after their breakup.

Herman also alleges that Woods’ legal team met her at the airport with a written proposal that resolved any of the issues between her and the golfer. She also alleges that Woods’ team confiscated $40K from her that she kept in the house.

The lawsuit was filed against Woods’ trust, which is the title holder on the property. The $30 million figure is “reasonable rental value” of the home for five years, according to Herman.

Woods’ breakup game is cold. Using his lawyers and team to trick Herman to get her out of the house was a wild move, if true.

The golf legend is notoriously private, so having her sign an NDA on its face isn’t weird. He doesn’t want details of his private life in the public space. He had enough of that experience during his marriage to Elin Nordegren, when it was revealed that Woods was a serial adulterer.

If Herman and her legal team were unable to provide evidence to get the NDA lifted under the Speak Out Act, it’s not clear what they have in the way of evidence that suggests an “oral tenancy.”

It is highly unlikely an arbitrator will award Herman $30 million. Whatever happens will take place behind closed doors and Herman nor Woods will be able to speak about it publicly.

Woods last played golf at The Masters in April. He made the cut but withdrew prior to the third round due to an injury. On April 19 it was announced that he had a subtalar fusion procedure done on his ankle to address post-traumatic arthritis.

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