JR Smith Has A Selective Memory

Most of us would like to think that if we could rent Blake Griffin's Kia Optima from Enterprise to travel back in time and tell a young, idealic version of ourselves how our lives were panning out, they'd be proud of us. Young J.R. Smith wouldn't harp on his erratic decision-making or the fact that he's never been an All-Star or even a starter.

Back in high school, his motto was "Get chicks or die trying". Young J.R. would be proud. Whether he's giving pipe tips on Instagram, or bragging about his escapades, Smith's mac philosophy is the same as his hardwood mindset.  He doesn't sweat the misses because he's got a short-term memory. Even if he tosses up a brick, he'll just keep on chucking until he knocks one down.

Smith's highly-publicized relationships with women are a mixed bag, but you have to respect his resiliency. Wednesday, Rihanna unleashed an Instagram rant alleging Smith was struggling in the playoffs because he was desert thirsty, hungover and clubbing all night.

His response was typical J.R.