Johnny Manziel Can’t Get Out Of His Own Way

For a quick second there I thought Johnny Manziel was serious about his comeback as an NFL quarterback. He said all of the right things and his PR people have been pushing all of the right buttons over the past few months. 

While Colin Kaepernick rots in unemployment for his social activism, Manziel —  the poster child for white privilege, squandered talented and the effects of premature celebrity — had a glorified workout at San Diego University and even had dinner with the Patriots.  

Then he went on a Twitter writing a book about how much he reveres Kaepernick but doesnt want to be compared to him in any way. If I ever saw a drunk Twitter rant that was one, but Im not making accusations.   

Then I heard his interview on the Dan Patrick Show and realized that this guy will NEVER get out of his own way

Johnny Manziel Talks NFL Comeback, Addiction with Dan Patrick | Full Interview | 4/4/18

Uploaded by Dan Patrick Show on 2018-04-04.

During the segment, Manziel was asked what he would go back and change about his rookie season if he had the chance, and his response was not only comical, self-deprecating and all-out bizarre, but it gives us insight into the personality that Manziel is. Its never really his fault. His failures and unlawful behaviors arent his faults. Sure, he plays the role and accepts blame for his past transgressions, but moments like these, where he is free to just pontificate on any number of issues, Manziels true renegade colors shine through. 

If Cleveland did any of their homework, they would have known that I was a guy that didnt come in every day and watch film. I was a guy that didnt really know the Xs and Os of football, said Manziel. Nobody was there, like helping me go over the Xs and Os, and it was hard. I struggled.

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Johnny Manziel blames Browns for not realizing he was duping them into thinking he’d actually work hard and study

Manziel blames his bust of a career on the ineptitude of the Browns organization. It’s not a bad play considering Cleveland’s horrific track record with winning and developing quarterbacks. It wouldn’t be the first time the organization missed on a quarterback they drafted high. Poor coaching wouldnt, however, account for his off the field fiascos.

In the latest sage of Johnny Football, the 25-year-old ex-college legend is now Johnny Con Artist and I cant see any NFL team buying what hes selling. The most important attributes an NFL quarterback should possess is accountability and leadership. Manziel still cant do that convincingly. He may still have the moves and celebrity juice,  but he lacks a fundamental understanding of playing team sports. No franchise is hiring a guy like that.  

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