Jay-Z’s New NFL Agent May Nullify CAA – Roc Nation Sports Partnership

To impede Jay-Z’s progress into the sports representation, the NFLPA passed new regulations this month that requires all agents for NFL players to possess a college degree. Legalese aside, the new amendment requires Roc Nation Sports to hire certified agents to negotiate with NFL clients.

To meet the NFLPA’s standards, attorney Kimberly Anne Miale was hired as a contract advisor with Roc Nation Sports. Miale has experience as an attorney for the football division of Madison Avenue Sports and Entertainment, but is a relatively anom.

The first domino from the NFLPA’s actions has been tipped over, but it may have set off  a chain of reaction in the sports business community.

If the rumors of rookie Jets quarterback Geno Smith signing with Roc Nation are true, then Miale’s first charge will be serving as Smith’s rep. However, there’s a flipside to that news for Roc Nation Sports. According to Forbes, Miale’s hiring also may complicates the partnership between the super firm, Creative Artists Agency and Roc Nation Sports.

Via Forbes:

The hiring of an NFLPA Contract Advisor may complicate the relatively newly formed partnership.  In April, Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports wrote that CAA Sports agent Ben Dogra confirmed to him that Jay-Z helped bring New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz to CAA.  Cruz is an excellent example of how the partnership between Roc Nation Sports and CAA was likely first envisioned to operate.  CAA handles the player’s team contract negotiations and Roc Nation Sports works with the player for off-field opportunities.  However, with Roc Nation Sports bringing a Contract Advisor in-house, will the partnership quickly lose its significance?

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