Jameis Will Start Week 6 For The Bucs, But With No Room For Error

The Tampa Bay Bucs announced that Ryan Fitzpatrick’s magic moment was done and the controversial gunslinger Jameis Winston would be assuming control of the helm in Week 6 after completing his three-game suspension for groping an Uber driver. 

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Bucs coach Dirk Koetter says Jameis Winston will start at QB after their bye

Fitzpatrick was otherworldly in his first two games of the season, completing 78.7 percent of his passes for 819 yards, eight touchdowns, one pick, and a 151.5 passer rating. In a game three loss to the Steelers he threw for over 400 yards for the third straight game with three TDS, but he also threw three picks and then on Sunday, with the arrival of Winston, all of a sudden Fitzpatrick’s meteoric rise to elite QB came to a crashing end. Winston ended up relieving Fitzpatrick in Week 4 in a terrible 48-10 blowout to the Bears. 

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Jameis Winston shakes off rust, looks ready to return to Bucs’ lineup https://t.co/bM5dhbxLYH

Fitzpatrick threw for a measly 126 yards and 0 TDs against a suffocating Bears defense.  Despite his auspicious start, Sundays performance signaled the end of Fitzpatricks magical story with the Bucs.  Some have suggested that Fitzpatrick remain the QB as a way of teaching Winston a tough lesson. However, Winston was able to once again avoid serious repercussions for alleged offensive acts against women, while his football talent has allowed him an opportunity for a second chance.  

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Jameis Winston has back to back 4000 yard seasons. His career low in Yards is still better than Marcus Mariota’s career high in passing yards. I don’t understand why people bash Winston and don’t say a word about Mariota’s poor performance

Youd think that the stress of his college drama from 2013—  when he was a high profile Heisman candidate thrown into the public eye after being accused of sexual assault by a Florida State student — would have taught Jameis to be more attentive to details, how he treats women and his behavior off the field. 

As a Black man in America, youd also think that he was more aware of the racial climate, stereotypical portrayals of Black men and the #metoo movement which was born out of a unified decision by women across the world to not accept the very behavior Winston has portrayed. 

Somehow, some way hes managed to avoid paying a harsher penalty for his actions, but few are sure that hes learned his lesson. Maybe Fitzpatricks incredible performances woke Winston up and helped turn a light switch in Winston’s 24-year-old head. After all, there is a contingent of NFL minds that belief Fitzpatrick is just a better quarterback. Period. 

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Football Outsiders’ DVOA and ESPN’s QBR stats rank Ryan Fitzpatrick well above Jameis Winston over the last 2 years https://t.co/ExhnyAprvV

Maybe the  Bucs franchise quarterback will begin conducting himself on and off the field like a role model, superstar and highly-touted signal caller should. He does still have some support from the media. 

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Jameis Winston is a blue-chip stock that’s selling for pennies right now. Give me all that Jameis stock, nothing but upside. He can’t go lower. Dude can play. Back against the wall and I believe he’s going to deliver over the course of this season.

Having others believe in him is cool, but Winston owes it to himself and the franchise that will be paying him $20.9 million in 2019, to settle in as an elite, reliable leader that can finally get the Bucs back into Super Bowl contention. They say that when there are no real consequences a person will continue to repeat the same pattern of mistakes. Hopefully, the headache, public embarrassment and image damage that Winstons transgressions have inflicted on his career, carry a burden and pain heavy enough to steer him towards a better path. 

If thats even possible. 

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Todd Fuhrman: ‘Zero confidence’ in Jameis Winston leading Tampa Bay moving forward https://t.co/v4oNNYfe9u

Winston is at the crossroads of his young career.  Hes a super talented quarterback in need of an attitude adjustment and some clarity about professional living. His impact on the field is undeniable and his teammates love his energy and confidence, but after this latest suspension, Winstons room for error is closed.  One more incident exhibiting the pattern of behavior hes become known for and he could be facing more than a possible benching or suspension. 

Tampa Bay could have easily chalked up the Bears game as a fluke considering the way Fitzpatrick has dominated defenses. Instead, Winston benefited from Fitzpatricks return to earth and a head coach in Dirk Koetter, who’s willing to stake his reputation on a guy who at this point has got to scare the hell out of franchise suits. Tampa can’t deal with another PR nightmare.

Jameis Winston Returns with a ‘Changed Perspective’ | Bucs Press Conference

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The reality is that four years into his NFL career, Winston still hasnt even made the playoffs. The time is now for him to put his money where his mouth is, leave his hands on the football and fulfill his potential.  If he cant handle the job, then Tampa Bay has a backup that can transform into Dan Marino, which makes the Bucs unwilling to deal with Winstons antics if he cant get his head screwed on straight.

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