“The Days Of The Pure Pocket Passer Are Dead In The NFL” | RGIII Says It’s A New Era, Is He Right?

Former NFL QB and current ESPN analyst Robert Griffin III says there is a new era of QBs in the NFL and it’s no longer only about being a pure pocket passer. Is Griffin III right? Have NFL talent evaluators finally seen the light?

“The days of the pure pocket passer are dead in the NFL,” Griffin III said last week. “The new prototypical QB is mobile and creative.

Three Black QBs Taken In First Four Picks

In the recently concluded NFL draft, three of the top four picks were QBs. That in and of itself is not that surprising. It is the most important position on the field. If you don’t have a top QB your team has no shot at winning a title.

But what made this crop of QBs taken early so unique is that they are all Black, a fact Griffin III says deserves its own discussion, and they don’t fit the mold we’ve been conditioned tp believe is necessary for elite QB play.

Bryce Young was taken first overall by the Carolina Panthers. At 5 feet 10, 204 pounds the concern is his size. He’s an excellent passer who has the ability to go through his progressions and escape the pocket while keeping his eyes downfield.

The Houston Texans drafted C.J. Stroud second overall and a large part of his ascension is his passing ability and the belief that he can weaponize his legs more than he did at the collegiate level.

The Indianapolis Colts drafted Anthony Richardson fourth overall, and while he has accuracy concerns, he has arm talent and is a dynamic runner. Clearly, the Colts feel like they can work on the accuracy.

The reigning Super Bowl MVP is Patrick Mahomes. Yes he can deliver from the pocket, but it’s what he can do when the pocket breaks down and the defense gets him off schedule that makes him elite.

What Kind Of QB Wins In The NFL Today?

Josh Allen, Joe Burrow, Lamar Jackson, Jalen Hurts, Justin Herbert, and Dak Prescott are all mobile QBs that can improvise when things go haywire.

Todays NFL edge rushers are more athletic than ever. They are physical freaks. You need to be able to move and be creative to succeed, especially in the postseason.

Progress is often slow. But it looks like the people doing the evaluating have come around to the realization that what was once seen as a liability is now essential if you want a fully weaponized QB for modern football.

“It says to me that mindsets and mentalities have changed,” former QB Doug Williams, the first Black QB to win a Super Bowl said to the Athletic just ahead of the draft. “It’s not that ability has changed, because we’ve always had guys with the ability for years. But it’s the mindset of the guys picking the quarterbacks that has changed. It’s a beautiful thing. It’s heartwarming for me, really.”

Evolution is part of life. Sports are no different.

What once worked 10, 15, 20 years ago no longer holds true in many regards. The games have changed. Players are not only super athletic but they’re skilled.

Just because it looks different than what you’re used to doesn’t mean it’s not good.

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