Jalen Ramsey Says LeBron Would Not Last In NFL And He Would Lock Him Up

Jalen Ramsey has ‘black air force energy’ (shoutout to Mike Tomlin) and is always ready for the smoke. He bought the smoke for LeBron James on Thursday when he went on HBO’s “The Shop,” a production from LeBron’s SpringHill Entertainment. LeBron expressed interest in playing in the NFL, and Jalen Ramsey broke his heart and crushed his dreams.

During Thursday Night Football’s Tennessee Titans and Green Bay Packers matchup, LeBron and “The Shop” had a handful of guests. As an alternate version of Prime Video’s Thursday Night Football, the show featured appearances from actor Jamie Foxx to former Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant. LeBron and Maverick Carter had tons of star power on their show while watching and critiquing another one of Derrick Henry’s dominant games.

Rams Superstar Cornerback Jalen Ramsey Says He Got Jerked By Dallas Cowboys In 2016 NFL Draft| “I Was Mad Because I Didn’t Go Three Or Four”

One of the more viral guests to appear on Thursday’s show was Los Angeles Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey, and whenever Ramsey is around, there will always be some trash talk. That’s what went down. Jalen Ramsey was giving King James some friendly trash talk, and the two went back and forth.

Ramsey called out James’ viral meme that has been dominating social media of him speaking in an interview a while back, with the idea that he’s telling lies and pretending that he saw certain events happening before they happened. The internet is terming this as “LeCap Memes,” and Ramsey had to call Bron out on it.

“Now LeBron, you know what they’re saying on Twitter right now. They say you be capping,” Ramsey said

LeBron had a classic response to these social media-fueled accusations.

“I only speak the truth, baby. I only speak the truth.”

That’s cap as well, because this is coming from the same guy who promised the city of Miami, not one, not two, not three, not four … but you get the picture.

That’s not even the funniest thing that happened. Jamie Foxx asked Lebron what position he’d play if he were playing football, and LeBron’s answer was his high school position.

“Wide receiver, for sure. If I was in the red zone, especially in the red zone,” James said, according to The Daily Mail. “One-on-one, they got to put more in the box defensively … me out there with one of those small little cornerbacks. Just throw it up. Just throw it up.”

Cute, but Jalen Ramsey had to give Bron a reality check.

“LeBron has no chance,” Ramsey told James. “Bron, red zone threat? You would’ve got scrapped.”

LeBron is 6 feet 9 and 250 pounds. Ramsey doesn’t care though, and being one of the best and most physical corners in the game, Ramsey doesn’t back down. How would he guard LeBron, though?

“I would have put those paws on Bron,” Ramsey said.

While there is plenty of speculation on whether Ramsey could guard Bron at the line of scrimmage, Ramsey’s footwork and anticipation are second to none, and he’d be glued on LeBron, as he has been to the NFL’s most extraordinary receiver talent.

The L.A. Rams could use another receiver right now after losing Cooper Kupp. Maybe Bron could help the Rams out, because the Lakers are a lost cause right now.

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