“Jake Paul Fight Me, Stop Tryna Fight Ppl Who Can’t Box” | Le’Veon Bell Comes For Jake Paul While Throwing Shade At Tyron Woodley

As the world watched Jake Paul solidify his KO record by knocking out Tyron Woodley in six rounds, people lined up on Twitter to take a shot at the “MVB.”

However, out of all the boxers and mixed martial artists who challenged “The Problem Child” after the victory, NFL player Le’Veon Bell came for Paul while throwing shade at Woodley.

“Jake Paul fight me, stop tryna fight ppl who can’t box,” Bell said on Twitter.

Coming For Jake Paul

It opened the floodgates for a lengthy Twitter conversation between Bell, Paul, Woodley, and the world, with Bell attempting to insert himself into the fight game.

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“I’m tired of watching him out box ppl who don’t even wanna box…if he wanna boxing match, a real one, he’d fight me…period, stop fightin small dudes who can’t box.”


If you kept score, that’s three separate disrespectful comments casually tossed at Woodley’s way while antagonizing Paul. Then he kept going.

Twitter Fingers Or Boxing Gloves?

“he won’t tho cuz i’m 29, I’m actually his size, an athletic background, & been boxing just as long as he has…”

After being asked if he could make 192 pounds and responding, “easily,” Jake Paul got wind of the chatter and responded to Bell.

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“Aye @TWooodley this clown saying you can’t box. How about you show him as part of the next MVP event? Tyron would drop you faster than the Ravens !!”

If the camaraderie showed at the post-fight press conference after their fight wasn’t enough, Paul offers Woodley another opportunity while returning the shade to Le’Veon Bell.

For Whom The Bell Tolls

Instead, Bell pushed further for a Paul fight by responding, “don’t run from the work.”

Woodley tapped in and immediately called out Bell for thinking he wasn’t a suitable opponent for Paul.

“Cause i made one mistake you think it’s sweet? Don’t get it f-cked up homeboy.”

Bell responded with, “You made more than just one mistake…he just slept you for that last mistake you made.”

Staying Alive

Woodley didn’t back down.

“So you coat tailing. I get it. See a person courageous enough to go into battle, and use that to try to throw your name in there for a bag. Without making that walk. That’s defined as clout chasing. Surprising from you.”

Le’Veon Bell Bet On Himself And Won

Bell, who has videos showing him doing boxing training, was adamant that his call-outs weren’t for clout or monetary gain, saying he would donate his proceeds.

“Any revenue I would make for the fight I would donate to charity…every single dollar! since ppl who can’t box like YOU think i’m in it for money…lol it’s not about money, it’s about me doin what you couldn’t do … I don’t need to pocket a dime, I already got “a bag”..”

NFL-To-Boxing Pipeline

Ironically, the second pay-per-view bout of Paul vs. Woodley 2 was a four-round special attraction between three-time NBA All-Star Deron Williams and the NFL’s third all-time leading rusher Frank Gore.

When the dust settled and the final bell tolled, it was Williams who came out victorious on the judges’ scorecards via split decision. The scores read 38-37 and 40-35 in favor of Williams and 38-37 in favor of Gore.

Le’Veon Bell’s Teammates Blast Him For Trying To Secure the Bag

Will Le’Veon Bell be the next to take advantage of the new NFL-to-boxing pipeline? He certainly hopes so.

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