J.R. Smith Was Always A College Kid At Heart | Former NBA Player Explains Why He Once Threw Hot Soup On Cleveland Cavaliers Assistant Coach Damon Jones

Former NBA sharpshooter J.R. “Hennything Is Possible” Smith had a lot of drama during his very solid NBA career.

The former No. 18 overall pick of the New Orleans Hornets in the 2004 NBA draft went on to win two NBA championships, one Sixth Man of the Year award, and became one of the best snipers in the league, finishing his career 19th all-time with 1,930 makes from deep. 

No Active Player Arrested More than J.R. Smith

Smith also had his share of slip-ups. In fact, as of 2020, no active player had been arrested more than Smith. 

Not to be forgotten, Smith was also known to be one who liked to joke around with teammates and coaches.

Of course, Smith has since turned his life around and has turned to an HBCU education and his love of golf as a participant on the college golf circuit.

In essence, Smith was often the life-of-the-party. During a recent appearance on the “Old Man and the Three” podcast with host and another former sharpshooter JJ Redick, Smith talked about his infamous “Soupgate” beef with then Cavaliers assistant coach Damon Jones.

Smith Said Jones Played Too Much

As he does with all his guests on the podcast, Redick, always seemingly ask about something that many may not know much about or at all. That’s what he did when he asked Smith about throwing a bowl of soup on the aforementioned Jones. 

“So, Damon Jones, he’s my guy. … But he has a knack of playing too much.

And, for me —- don’t get me wrong, I like to play a little joke here and there — but he’s consistent with it. For me, if I’m telling you I’m not in the mood right now. I had some stuff going on at home, I wasn’t playing well. I’m like, ‘Not right now.”

“Sure enough, I’m in the lunchroom getting my soup, he comes in — mind you, the soup was hot, I’m like the first person in there — he’s trying to make me spill it. 

“I’m not gonna lie, it took me a second. I actually thought about it. It wasn’t a rageful throw. It was like, OK you playing with me. I know you’re playing with me, I’m gonna show you.

I literally thought about it, and I threw it on him. He’s over there screaming because the s—t is hot. I’m like, ‘See, you’re gonna stop playing with me now, right?”

Smith says he and Jones didn’t speak for three months, but the two have since settled their differences, following the “Soupgate” incident. 

Smith Recently Hinted At NBA Comeback

During a recent interview with Maverick Carter and “Interrupted,” Smith discussed his first big production project, “Redefined.” 

Smith also mentioned that while he hasn’t completely given up on the idea of returning to the hardwood, he’s also at peace with what comes next. At 37, it’s highly unlikely Smith gets that call, but it’s good to see he’s changed his ways for the better and matured into a man with a purpose and vision for the future beyond the court.

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