Ixnay On The Eli Questions Around Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning is one of the most media savvy athletes in the world. Leading up to the matchup with the New York Giants, Peyton has probably answered every question imaginable about his brother Eli over the past decade. However, he still gets them rapid fire in the weeks leading up to one of their matchups. Actually, he doesn’t actually face his brother. Eli’s not really all that intimidating anyways. Peyton spends his entire time on the field facing the likes of Justin Tuck, Jason Pierre-Paul  and Antrel Rolle.

Usually when athletes tear into the media, it’s with an angry bent.  On Wednesday, Peyton did that in the most amicable way possible. No, Peyton didn’t go on a rant about regretting the day Archie and Olivia brought the new baby home from the hospital, but he did discuss how irritating it was getting the same questions about his little brother for the umpteenth time. If somebody asks him a variation of the infamous Doug Williams Super Bowl Media Day question, "how long have y'all been brothas?," he might snap.

Via Pro Football Talk:

“I had the New York conference call today. Not one question about the Giants’ defense. I had to force that in there myself. That’s where our focus is,” Manning said.

Eli expressed similar thoughts.

“All week in preparation I’m worried about their defense. I’m worried about Denver’s defense,” he said.