Skip Bayless Says Lil Wayne Tried To Connect With Ja Morant Because He’s “Been There…I’ve Wound Up In Prison, Rikers Island” | But Ja Never Picked Up

Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant is awaiting his punishment from the NBA for brandishing a firearm for the second time in just about two months. Morant, who’s the Grizzlies franchise player, was suspended for eight games, and even attended counseling in Florida following his first incident.

While his second infraction caught everyone by surprise, including NBA commissioner, who seem completely befuddled by Morant’s stupidity. 

Many others have tried to offer the troubled Grizzlies star some sound advice. And then there’s others like rapper Cam’ron who issued a stern warning to Morant telling him don’t be like him, because Morant can’t rap. But per FS1’s Skip Bayless, the Dipset rapper wasn’t the only MC hoping to get a message to Morant. Bayless’ good friend and former Cash Money rapper Lil Wayne was hoping to do the same, and more. 

Bayless Says Efforts To Reach Morant For Lil Wayne Didn’t Come To Fruition 

During a recent episode of “The Skip Bayless Show,” the “Undisputed” co-host mentioned that Wayne reached out to him about hopefully getting the two together.

That never happened, but, per Bayless, that wasn’t because of a lack of the talk show host’s effort, but rather because Morant never responded.

“He texted me, Hey, could you connect me with Ja? I can help him. I’ve been there, I’ve done all this. I’ve wound up in prison, Rikers island. I know where you can go wrong, and I know what’s right,” Bayless said of Wayne’s offer. 

“In the end, I just hope Ja doesn’t turn out to be one of those people you just can’t reach, you just can’t fix, you just can’t save,” Bayless said. 

Bayless even mentioned that Wayne would jump on a plane to Memphis in a “heartbeat,” to meet with Morant in an effort to help him. 

Wayne was in a situation himself in 2010 when he pleaded guilty to a weapons possessions charge. The popular rapper spent eight months in prison for the offense. 

Ten years later, the then-38-year-old Wayne had repeated the mistake and found himself pleading guilty to a federal weapons possession charge in December 2020. Wayne avoided prison on the new charge when he was pardoned by Donald Trump just before the former president left office.

NBA Postponed Morant’s Suspension Till After NBA Finals

The morning of Game 1 of the NBA Finals, the aforementioned Silver talked about Morant and his unfortunate situation. While the league is likely to suspend him, Silver didn’t want to make the announcement of what the suspension will be, in an effort to keep the focus on the two teams playing for the championship. 

While that was understandable, hearing Silver say they’d found some other things as well was very telling. It probably means Morant is set to miss a significant amount of time in the upcoming season. 

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