“I’ve Waited Months And Months” | Stephen A. Smith Wants Good Friend And Pro Football Hall Of Famer Michael Irvin Back On Airwaves

Dallas Cowboys legend and Pro Football Hall of Famer Michael Irvin has been suspended from the airwaves since being accused of making lewd and lascivious comments to a hotel worker during Super Bowl week.

While Irvin has vehemently denied the accusations, the three-time Super Bowl champion has remained suspended since the allegations were made. Video of the encounter shows Irvin talking to the woman who made the accusations, but that’s basically all there is to go on. 

Irvin’s suspension is from the NFL Network. ESPN, where he guest hosts with good friend Stephen A. Smith on “First Take,” never suspended him, but the network hasn’t allowed him to work either. The suspension has now stretched beyond five months, and Smith is ready for his yelling partner to return. Smith spoke of such during a recent episode of his podcast, “The Stephen A. Smith Show.”

Smith Speaks Up On Irvin’s Behalf

With Irvin standing his ground and denying any wrongdoing, Smith is also seemingly taking the same stand, and the loquacious host says with no incriminating evidence Irvin should be allowed to work.

“I’ve spoken on behalf of Michael Irvin by way of simply stating that I wanted him back on ‘First Take,’ barring any unforeseen evidence,” Smith said on his eponymous podcast on Friday. 

“I’ve waited months and months, and I’m still waiting,” Smith said. 

“I don’t know what Michael Irvin said to that woman. I don’t know what happened,” Smith continued. 

“All I’m going by is the evidence that has been placed before us. Ladies and gentlemen, all we have seen is a 45-second video of Michael Irvin talking to this young lady, and then both of them going their separate ways. That is it. That is not a reason for a three-time Super Bowl champion and Hall of Famer to be unemployed or off the airwaves entertaining us the way this man entertains us,” Smith added.

SAS is speaking up for Irvin, who’s suing the Marriott Hotel for $100 million for defamation of character. While that was the original amount of damages sought, it could increase with Irvin’s updated suit filed in late June. 

Smith Looking To Add Shannon Sharpe To Cast

With Irvin still on hiatus, the “First Take” host is hoping to see the network add another Pro Football Hall of Famer to its stable of co-hosts. That would be none other than former FS1 star Shannon Sharpe, who, per reports, left “Undisputed” with Smith’s other good friend Skip Bayless amidst irreconcilable differences. 

Can you imagine “First Take” with Shannon Sharpe, Chris “Mad Dog” Russo, and Irvin if and when he’s able to return?

Decibel levels on 100 all week. 

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