It’s Passing The Baton…Moving The Line” | Mets’ Nick Plummer’s First Two Starts Yield Homers, And Fans Are Hopeful For Another Strawberry

You have to be unique if you have your theme music in only two starts in Major League baseball.

But that is precisely what one rookie outfielder is from his Super Mario video game-themed dugout walkout to the two homers he put away in his first two career starts in the major leagues for the New York Mets.

Yes, the same New York Mets that have been World Series-starved since 1986 when another promising Black outfielder Darryl Strawberry helped light Queens on fire by bringing home the trophy from the Fall Classic.

Enter the newest Mets sensation, Nick Plummer.

Baptized By Homers

Plummer was in his first starting lineup for the Mets against the Philadelphia Phillies on Sunday. He then suited up again on Monday against the Washington Nationals.

His stats were explosive, going 4-for-8 (.500) with two home runs, adding a double and five RBI. In addition, the “Metsies” took both games due to Plummer, who hit a game-tying homer into the second deck in the bottom of the ninth inning. Plummer reportedly launched the ball 112.8 miles per hour, the hardest hit of the night overall.

The ordinarily tough New York City crowd baptized him with the love only a good baseball chant can convey: “Let’s go, Plummer!”

It would happen more than once.

Give The Batter Some

“It’s awesome,” Plummer said to the media after Sunday’s win. “Francisco [Lindor] made sure I turned around. It was pretty much every inning, sometimes two times an inning; this is what you envision.

“I get pretty straight-faced when I get in between the lines,” Plummer continued. “He made sure that I made light of it. Ultimately, we’re here for the fans. Without them, we kind of don’t have jobs.”

Plummer is now the first player in club history with multiple home runs after just two starts.

Accidental Hero

The opportunity came by way of injuries to his teammates. When Travis Jankowski fractured a bone in his hand, Plummer was there to fill their fourth outfielder role. Then Brandon Nimmo sprained his right wrist and has been riding the bench, although he’s not on the injured reserve list.

“We had some guys go down, guys who are going to be on the mend,” Plummer said. “It’s passing the baton and just moving the line.

“You don’t draw it up. You really don’t. Maybe when you’re younger you think about hitting a grand slam, down by three in the bottom of the ninth inning. But to actually be here — I’m just trying to play good defense, play behind my guys and put together really good at-bats — trying to keep it simple.”

The Hunt For A Strawberry October

The 25-year-old is all upside for the Mets, who have been deprived of the optimism they felt in 2015. That was the most recent year they reached the World Series, and although they came up short, the dopamine high was enough to keep them salivating for a return.

Plummer is nowhere near that kind of accomplishment, but his two-game streak now has people feeling good in the Q-borough again, and that is enough to sustain a team in need of an emotional carry in the march to October.

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