Ex-Teammate Jason Kipnis Assails Mets Star Francisco Lindor’s Leadership | Lindor’s Wife Strikes Back With The Fury, Calling Kipnis “A Bully”

The wife of New York Mets shortstop Francisco Lindor comes to the defense of her husband against Jason Kipnis’ comments about him.

Kipnis made an appearance on May 16 on “Foul Territory Podcast” hosted by AJ Pierzynski and talked about the Mets’ struggles this season. He linked their struggles to the leadership among their veteran players and took a shot at Lindor in the process. He didn’t mention Lindor by name but his wife took offense to the comments, with Lindor being one the leaders in the organization.

Left: Jason Kipnis during his last season with the Guardians.; Right: Francisco Lindor with his wife and daughter before a Mets game. (Photos: @jasonkipnis22/Instagram screenshot & @katia.lindor/Instagram screenshot)

“All those veterans and no leadership,” sid Kipnis on the podcast.

Pierzynski then asked him about Lindor’s leadership style and Kipnis doubled down on his statement.

“I’m gonna repeat it again. All those veterans and no leadership. If everybody is a veteran there, you’re kinda just under the assumption that everybody is taking care of their business and going about the things the right way,” said Kipnis.

Lindor was later asked in an interview before their May 19 matchup against the Cleveland Guardians and he shrugged off the shot taken by Kipnis.

“I haven’t talked to him (Kipnis). That’s how he feels. It is what it is. I don’t really have much to say,” said Lindor to the reporters

Always Got Your Back

Lindor’s wife took to Twitter that day to respond to Kipnis.

“My husband is such a classy person, would never say what a bully Kipnis was in the clubhouse. Sounds like a true leader versus the opposite of a leader,” wrote Katia Reguero Linder.

The reason she knows this because Lindor and Kipnis played together for five seasons in Cleveland. They helped lead the Guardians to the 2016 World Series. Kipnis spent nine of his 10 MLB seasons with the Guardians.

Kipnis Walk Back Comments

After the brief exchange of shots, Kipnis issued an apology in a series of tweets for his out of bounds comments.

“Not trying to go at anybody with the video yesterday.. they were asking what the locker room looked like so we speculated..cause that’s all we can do!” Kipnis wrote on May 19. “We don’t actually know what’s goin on there cause we’re not there! Not trying to be that old head guy so I’ll choose wiser words.”

He continued, “Said what I said, we’ll move on cause I don’t have the energy nor the want to for Twitter back n forths! -Also Frankie wasn’t expected to be a leader when he was so young. I bet he’s grown into a damn good one. We’re just talkin about (expletive) cause they’re not winning like they can.”

He also issued an apology to Lindor’s wife.

He sent one final tweet to address the issue and then he left it alone.

“Some of you on here who think it’s weak to backtrack need to learn how to be man enough to admit you were wrong at times. You guys and your egos will be okay, I promise,” wrote Kipnis.

Slow Start

Kipnis comments might’ve been unwarranted about Lindor’s leadership, but he does have a valid point about the Mets‘ slow start. They are currently have a 26-25 overall record and sit second in the National League East division behind the Atlanta Braves. The Mets have won six of their past eight games.

As for Lindor, he is off to a slow start in his 2023 campaign. The two-time Gold Glover has a batting average of .226 and 45 hits in 199 plate appearances this season. He also has 51 strikeouts this year.

The Mets’ slow start is the opposite of what happened last season when they lead the NL East from April to October. The Braves tracked them down from a 10.5 game lead and won their fifth consecutive division title.

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