Atlanta Braves Star Ronald Acuna Jr. Shows Love To NBA With Home Run Celebrations | From LeBron’s Silencer To The Ice Trae

Atlanta Braves star Ronald Acuna is building on his repertoire of home run celebrations that he performs once he reaches home plate.

After launching a mammoth blast to lead the Braves to a win on Monday, Acuna, through an interpreter, let it be known that he will be breaking out his ode to Atlanta Hawks star Trae Young the next time he unloads one. 


That next time was Wednesday night. According to, “Acuña had his eighth career multi-homer game, begun by his 24th career leadoff homer, and paid homage to Atlanta Hawks star Trae Young while helping the Braves claim a 3-2 win over the A’s on Tuesday night at Truist Park.”

We’ve seen Miami Marlins star Jazz Chisolm’s Eurostep. 


The “Griddy” started picking up steam during the NFL season and is now crossing sports cultures and making its way around MLB. 

The cold as ice celebration is a new one.

Of course, once “Ice Trae” got word that his in-state superstar peer was showing love, Young responded on his social media. Apparently, Acuna is the most popular guy in the Atlanta Hawks locker room right now. That’s a win for baseball.  

Cross-Branding In Atlanta Sports 

It’s only right that these two Towers of Power collaborate in a commercial in the near future. They are the two premier, young athletes in Atlanta sports right now. MLB would be wise to capitalize on the positive energy and merge the two sports franchises in a project or promotional endeavor. 

 Acuna Jr. is one of the rising stars of MLB, and he’s finally back in his groove again after some challenging seasons in 2020-21. The 24-year-old human missile launcher hasn’t had any problems dismantling opposing pitchers since entering MLB via Venezuela at age 20. Acuna came out of the gate smoking, winning National League Rookie of the Year in 2018 and smashing 67 homers in his first two seasons. 

The 60-game COVID season kind of messed up everybody’s natural flow, then Acuna was on his way to an MVP-caliber season in 2021 before a season-ending injury that caused physical and psychological stress. Acuna was the rising superstar on the Braves but had to watch his team develop a special chemistry that elevated the franchise to its first World Series since 1995. 

Acuna Jr. went down with an ACL tear in July 2021. Led by Freddie Freeman, some clutch pitching and a seasoned coaching staff, Atlanta made an incredible run, smashing on the Houston Astros in the World series. 

Acuna has a World Series ring and didn’t even have to lift his bat to get one. With that milestone out of the way early, Acuna can concentrate on staying healthy, hitting bombs and captivating the audience with his flair.

However, you know there’s a burning desire deep down for Acuna to lead the Braves — who are in second place in the NL East behind the surging New York Mets, but just two games out of the wild card spot — back to the World Series and flex his generational combination of speed and talent on baseball’s biggest stage. 

Maybe Trae Young can return the favor next season and come up with something that would show respect to Acuna’s prowess on the diamond. A home run swing after a three-pointer maybe? 

Trae Young Not The First, Not The Last 

In actuality, Acuna’s just getting started with his celebratory ode to NBA superstars. In early May, the member of baseball’s exclusive 30-30 club celebrated with one of LeBron James’ patented moves following a home run. 

James of course showed some love back. 

Baseball needs superstars like Acuna who can tap into other audiences and draw the interest of non-baseball fans. He’s truly a character, and his exuberance and personality shine through. Some might even say he’s got a “basketball player’s swag.” Maybe he’ll keep going and break out a new NBA player celebration after every home run. He’s sure to hit at least 30 of them this season. 

The Curry Shimmy would be fire, but he’d definitely have to save that one for a walk-off.

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