“It’s More Checking In With The Family” | Seahawks WR D.K. Metcalf Says He And Russell Wilson Still Talk Daily, Just Not About Football

When the Seattle Seahawks traded quarterback Russell Wilson last offseason, that meant that the dynamic duo of Wilson and star D.K. Metcalf wouldn’t be lighting it up anymore in the Pacific Northwest.

Over their three-year run together the duo connected often for the Seahawks, but they also built a relationship that goes far beyond the gridiron. 

Russell Wilson And DK Metcalf Are Good Friends

Although no longer teammates, that hasn’t changed the fact that Wilson and Metcalf are forever brothers brought together by the game of football.

During a recent appearance at the Gatorade Player of the Year Awards, Metcalf was interviewed by Taylor Bisciotti of the NFL Network. When asked if he still talks to Russ, DK let it be known that they’re still close. 

“Oh yeah, probably every day. … We really don’t talk much about competition. It’s more checking in with the family, checking out how each other’s doing.”

Metcalf Thought Wilson Would Never Leave Seattle

Wilson’s 2022 departure surprised many, including Metcalf, who believed Wilson would play his entire career with the team that drafted him 10 years prior. When that didn’t happen, it shocked the stud wideout, who says he looked to both Wilson and star linebacker Bobby Wagner for leadership and guidance.

That same offseason Wagner was released by the Seahawks in an effort to create cap space. 

While Wagner has returned to Seattle after a one-year hiatus, Wilson is probably never returning as a player. Maybe when they retire his journey and clean up what appears to be a fractured relationship between Wilson and the Seahawks organization.

Russell Wilson Had Great Run With Hawks

It was a great ten-year run that saw eight playoff appearances, and Metcalf got to break into the league with one of the top quarterbacks, which definitely helped catapult his career early on.

That helped him cash in with a big payday last offseason, making him the fifth-highest paid pass catcher in the league at $24 million per season. Wilson played a big role in that, and Metcalf knows it.

Metcalf Flourished Without Wilson, While Russ Struggled

In 2022, with Wilson now in Denver, Metcalf helped lead the Seahawks to the playoffs with a 90-reception, 1,048-yard and six-touchdown season. Wilson struggled mightily to arguably the worst season of his career. 

While Metcalf will be looking to continue his solid play in 2023, Wilson is looking for a rebound season in Denver with Super Bowl-winning head coach Sean Payton now at the controls. 

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