It’s Possible No One Gets in the Baseball Hall of Fame

According to exit polls — which were remarkably accurate last season in predicting Barry Larkin as least year's lone entrant into the Hall — it's very possible no one will make it into the Baseball Hall of Fame this year. 

As Deadspin points out, the choices were between known steroid users, suspected steroid users, possible steroid users, a cocaine user, a catcher, and Jack Morris. Craig Biggio leads the contenders with 71.4 percent of votes, with 75 percent needed to earn a plaque. 

Only 15 percent of the votes have been tallied of those voters who have made their selections public, so it's possible a late run could secure someone into the Hall. Still, the disparity shows voters obviously struggling to deal with the steroid era in baseball.

The final vote will be announced on 2 p.m. ET next Wednesday. Tune in to MLB network to watch what may be an extremely awkward and short broadcast.

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