It’s LeBron James’ Job To Figure Out Cleveland’s Mess

The Cavs have currently lost five of six games, 9 of their last 14, and have fallen to third in the Eastern Conference. We have reached unprecedented waters of futility for a LeBron James led team. The same King James that has run roughshod over the Eastern Conference for over a decade and is seeking his eighth-consecutive NBA Finals appearance. 

Hoops analyst Greg Anthony flat out said, They suck right now.

Ex-Coach David Blatt who was replaced by Tyronn Lue  late in the 2016 season as the Cavs were on their way to the citys first NBA title, even took a shot at the squad. Blatt, who is the coach of Team Europe, said in the pre-game interview to NTV Sport: I dont think we are going to have any problem in scoring. I am just wondering are we going to defend anybody. I hope we wont give up as many points as Cavs did last night.

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Former Cavaliers Coach David Blatt Clowns Cavs Defense

He was referring to the 148 points the Cavs surrendered to OKC on Saturday night. It was more brutal than the 133 points the Cavs gave up to Toronto a few weeks ago. All hell has broken loose in Cleveland and the media is eating it up. Even LeBron has run out of answers and the frustration is at a boiling point. 

We told you back in August that Bron was looking to break out after this season

The way things are transpiring in Cleveland and the tumultuous relationship between LeBron and owner Dan Gilbert, dating back to when LeBron first left Cleveland to title-chase in Miami and Gilbert ripped and cursed him in a scathing on-line rant to Cleveland fans back in 2010, its a good bet that Bron will be packing his bags after this season. The Championship formula just isnt there. 

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LeBron discusses the @cavs’ 148-124 loss to the Thunder.

We also told you in July that Gilbert would be the scapegoat when LeBron did boogie. Kyries departure has exposed a ton of weakness on this Cleveland team and laid the groundwork for the disintegration of King James Ohio Empire. 

LeBron is responsible for this mess, but not solely. Its probably 50-50 between LeBron and Gilbert. LeBron is partly responsible for the relationship that he and the owner of the franchise have, which really started going South when GM David Griffin was fired. LeBron was not cool with that move. Gilbert didn’t care. Gilbert doesnt care about anything right now other than if LeBron is going to commit to the next 3-5 years with Cleveland. 

So far, LeBrons answer has been no. It wasnt something he was willing to even discuss prior to the season taking place, which frustrated the owner who never wants to go back to life without LeBron again. He doesnt want Quicken Loans Arena to become a wasteland of NBA basketball again. 

Gilbert chose to play hard ball with LeBron by appeasing Irving’s trade request against the wishes of James, who according to sources suggested that they keep the All-Star guard rather than let the Celtics have him. Some suggest that the only reason Gilbert traded Kyrie was because LeBron didnt commit to the franchise past this season. Childish games that billionaires play.  

Cleveland Cavaliers keep struggling with loss against Oklahoma City Thunder | ESPN

With Russell Westbrook recording his second career 20-point, 20-assist game, Oklahoma City Thunder excels on the offensive end by dropping 148 points on the Cleveland Cavaliers, who have now lost 9 of 12.

LeBron’s fractured relationships have led to a team that is fragmented and doesn’t have the one mind, one soul, one goal mentality that it takes to win an NBA Championship. Instead, everyone is stuck in the middle of the muck and the production of the starters, and the recent Twittersphere calls for Tyronn Lues job is proof of that. Add in the chemistry and contract problems that still have to be worked out with I.T., whos  finally healthy, and the Cleveland franchise is in a bad spot. 

At the end of the day, when it comes to Cleveland, LeBron always says, its my team. Its my players. 

So as one ESPN personality put it, Well guess what LeBron?  It doesnt look like youre doing too good a job of that right now. 

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