“It Gets Spicy When You Come To New Orleans” | Buccaneers WR Mike Evans Opens Up On Fight With Saints CB Marshon Lattimore

The New Orleans Saints and Tampa Bay Buccaneers straight up don’t like one another. In fact there is some real vitriol between the two bitter division rivals. And ever since Tom Brady arrived in Tampa, that disdain has elevated to a whole new level. From jawing at one another on the field and in the media to actual fisticuffs on Sunday in New Orleans.

As Saints star cornerback Marshon Lattimore and Brady walked toward each another, they exchanged some typical NFL unpleasantries in the middle of a close game. After Leonard Fournette made physical contact with Lattimore, he retaliated and then Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans intervened and slam-shoved Lattimore, inciting a mini melee as players had to be separated after some real mixing it up.

Following the game Evans discussed the situation and what happened.

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Evans told refs on the field this:

“That’s Tom Brady, what do you want me to do?”

Evans was protecting the Buccaneers’ franchise quarterback and didn’t care how it had to be done. But let’s not act like Evans didn’t want a piece of Lattimore, as the two physical players have had their share of extracurricular battles in the past.

Evans Says Things Get Spicy In Nawlins

Known for its spicy food and nightlife, things got really hot in the Louisiana Superdome as the two teams went all out fisticuffs slobber-knocker style. The aforementioned Evans talked about that with reporters, as he smiled following the Buccaneers big 20-10 win.

“It gets spicy when you come to New Orleans. And they’re a good team, physical team. We matched that today. … I know we were like trying to get a flag called or whatever, and then it wasn’t called. All I see is Lattimore punch Fournette in the face or something like that and then pushed Tom. That is all.”

Evans continued:

“Super competitive, Today, he was too emotional. You don’t throw punches at guys on the field. He threw a punch at Lenny, and I can’t let that happen to my teammates. So, I shoved him … turned into a brawl.”

The Buccaneers were desperate to break a seven-game regular season losing streak to the Saints. Since Brady joined the Bucs in 2020, they were 1-4 against their longtime division rival entering the game. The only win coming in the 2021 NFC Divisional Playoff, which also happened to be the final game of Drew Brees’ Hall of Fame career.

Evans And Lattimore Have History

Since 2017, the aforementioned Evans and Lattimore have had their share of issues. During that season then-Bucs QB Jameis Winston, now the Saints starter, got into it with the loquacious Lattimore. Winston told Lattimore to go back to his sideline during an altercation, while the two jawed Evans snuck Lattimore with a blindside hit and tackle. Evans was ejected and subsequently suspended for another game.

On Sunday both parties were ejected for their involvement in the brawl, now they await their fate from the league office concerning possible fines and possible suspensions.

Can’t wait till they match up in Tampa. Lattimore kind of owes Evans one. 

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