It Ain’t Aaron Rodgers’ Fault

The internet is a heartless and harsh landscape. So many times we’ve heard people sing the praises of Aaron Rodgers while he and the Green Bay Packers were in the midst of their eight-game winning streak, but now we wake up to a deluge of moans and groans as he fails in the monumental task of lifting a flawed football team to a Super Bowl.  

People were starting to take that “run the table comment” as gospel. But now we realize that when Rodgers spoke of running the table they likely meant running INTO a table, face first. Appearances can indeed be misleading, but that’s how it looked on Sunday in the NFC Championship game.

The 44-21 Green Bay Packers loss looked just like a WWE style card table to the head off the top rope. What happened to Discount Double Check? Well, maybe the Packers offense should have chosen All State to avoid the Atlanta Falcons’ defensive mayhem like being sacked twice, turning the ball over and an offensive line that gave up three tackles for losses. But was there a policy that could cover up for six penalties and only going 40 percent on third down conversions?

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Probably not.

While everyone is debating whether or not QB Aaron Rodgers is worthy of the lofty status of being called ‘A Bad Man’, we must also consider that he put three touchdowns on the board and nearly 300 yards in a “bad” performance. Thus his pedigree cannot be called into question.

Even “A Bad Man” can have a bad day at the office. After all, he’s only one man.

Couple that with a deluge of injuries and dropped passes and it anyone’s guess as to why the Packers didn’t lose by a wider margin. So, while no one can take anything from the Atlanta Falcons’ making it to their second Super Bowl in franchise history, it would be a shame for football fans to not fully appreciate what Rodgers has done this season.

4,428 passing yards, 40 TDs and only seven interceptions? If that’s indicative of a bad season then the entire NFL should tremble at the thought of what Rodgers and company will do when he has a relatively injury free team to guide, and a serviceable defensive secondary to help prevent the Packers from being pushed face first through a wood chipper again, like the way they were against Atlanta.

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