Issa Rae Lands $40M, Five-Year HBO deal

Budding star Issa Rae has recommitted to Home Box Office (HBO). She inked a five-year deal which brings her Hoorae media label in partnership with WarnerMedia.

The new cemented pack gives HBO, HBO Max and Warner Bros., television exclusive rights to all of Raes- work in TV, plus a first-look film deal that spans WarnerMedia brands, including Warner Bros. Pictures Group, New Line Cinema, HBO Max.

Rae previously signed a two-year with HBO, in 2016. That timeframe was ahead of her hit show “Insecure,” renewing that pact in 2018 for three more years. Rae is excited about the flexibility and relationship she has with HBO. Says she loves when people wanna work and build to further that relationship, and for her it’s always been a staple in the way she deals with people.

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Sources are saying the deal is valued at $40M over the next five years. That puts Rae’s expected payout in line with fellow multi-hyphenate creator Donald Glover’s lucrative new overall deal with Amazon.

By renewing and expanding its partnership with Rae, Warner’s also added her to its top ten list.

Rae was discovered by HBO after producing her 2011 web series “The Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl” before creating “Insecure.” She says HBO has been supportive of her work since 2012.

Insecure was a “breakthrough series” for the network. The African-American woman-centered dramedy tells the story of Rae’s often hilarious career and romantic misadventures in Los Angeles. To date, the show has earned four Emmy nominations and a 2018 Peabody Award win for entertainment since its debut in October 2016.

It comes as no surprise that the media-parent company would offer an extension for more programming from the talented and creative Emmy-nominated actress.

Hoorae currently has at least 15 projects in various stages of development and Rae says Hoorae has been working with them on the unscripted side, the drama side, and the documentaries side for a couple of years now.

A show making waves called Rap Sh*t which will premiere on HBO Max late this summer and is co-produced by the City Girls. Raedio (Raes audio company) will handle the music for the series, meaning the soundtrack is gonna be “litty.” With  Migos, Lil Baby and Lil Yachty already signed on as executive producers.

All this comes at the perfect time as Rae is currently filming the last season of “Insecure.” She’ll continue to work in other realms as she builds her media empire and looks to become that multi-media mogul many believes she well on her way to becoming.

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