Isiah Thomas Continues To Blaze Trails, Investing $3M Into Cannabis Company One World Pharma

After smashing the glass ceiling by becoming the first African-American to own his own wine vineyard and 100 percent of his company (Cheurlin Champagne) in a white-dominated champagne business, NBA Hall of Famer, TV analyst and business mogul Isiah Thomas III is at it again, pushing the boundaries of business and the path to future success for African-American hoop stars turned entrepreneurs.

Isiah Thomas has invested $3 million into hemp and cannabis ingredient producer One World Pharma Inc. 

Thomas, the former Detroit Pistons champion, NBA coach, executive, and pro team owner, was named CEO of One World Pharma last June

Following this move, Thomas will become one of the largest minority business owners in the Pan-American cannabis space, joining a select list that includes fellow NBA legends Al Harrington and John Salley, as well as hip-hop artists Berner and B-Real.

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One World secured the funds through Thomas’ holding company, Isiah International, which will complete the new funding round in six $500.000 monthly tranches over the next six months.

According to management, the funding will allow One World Pharma to build a THC and CBD extraction facility in Colombia and subsidize future growth.

Born and raised on Chicago’s West Side, Thomas’ professional career spans more than three decades in business, sports and entertainment. 

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The former point guard is Chairman and CEO of ISIAH International LLC, a holding company with a diverse portfolio of business ventures and investments. 

Dr. Kenneth Perego, executive chairman of One World Pharma commented, praised Thomas for lending One World his “world-renowned leadership and business acumen.”

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“Today, he provides the catalytic funding for the Company to truly execute on its plan to become a leading international supplier of the finest cannabis ingredients,” Perego added

For over 35 years he has invested in, owned and operated a laundry list of new and existing businesses, with a specialization in startups and rebuilds.

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What else can you say, but he’s done it again?

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