Is Von Miller Calling for Andrew Luck’s Head?

A bulked-up Von Milller is set to make his return to the field on Sunday when the Broncos face off against the Indianapolis Colts. Von Miller is thrilled to be back on the field and he has one goal in min: to make Andrew Luck’s life a living hell.

From USA Today:

Del Rio has liked what he's seen so far in practice. But the real test will come Sunday, when Miller can go full-speed and try to sack Colts quarterback Andrew Luck, who has impressive mobility and ability to escape the pocket.

"I do have a sack celebration up my sleeve," Miller said. "Hopefully I can get one."

It seems that outplaying Peyton Manning isn’t the only thing that Andrew Luck has to worry about. Von Miller is calling out for his head and on Sunday the pressure will be on Luck to perform well — a tough task with an amped up Miller finally on the loose.