Is Miami Heat Star Jimmy Butler Dating The Queen Of Latin Music Shakira? | Heat Fans Don’t Want Her Jinxing What Was Once A 3-0 Series Lead

The Miami Heat and Boston Celtics are battling it out on the NBA hardwood for the right to go the NBA Finals.

It’s the third time in the last four NBA seasons the two franchises have met in the Eastern Conference Finals. Led by star player Jimmy Butler, the Heat jumped out to a surprising 3-0 series lead over the defending Eastern Conference champions.

Since then, the Celtics have stormed back with two very impressive wins to stave off elimination. Now an all-important Game 6 awaits the two teams on Saturday, with the Celtics needing to win or the Heat will advance to the NBA finals. 

Butler, who exudes extreme confidence that seems to resonate with his teammates, sounded very confident following losses in the last two games, saying after Game 5, “We can and we will win this series.”

While those are some strong words to spew, that’s Butler’s makeup. While he’s hooping, social media is playing matchmaker, and wondering if he and Latin music star Shakira are dating. 

Dating Rumors Spark After Shakira Attends Game 3 In Miami

Social media followers regularly form opinions and try to piece together stories about the personal lives of celebrities nowadays.

That’s no different with Butler and Shakira who had social media in a frenzy after the Heat’s 128-102 blowout win of the Celtics in Game 3.

Shakira owns a home in Miami and could’ve just been attending the game as a fan or for fun, but Twitter was buzzing after she and Butler reportedly followed each other on Instagram. 

The follow is significant because Shakira only follows 159 people on the social media giant, and Butler follows a modest 464. 

Also, according to Overtime, Shakira’s son was seen wearing a Jimmy Butler jersey for Halloween. 

Fans Take To Twitter To Talk About Butler And Shakira

While the rumors of Butler and Shakira being an item are probably far-fetched, that didn’t stop Twitter from constantly making mentions of both as if they are indeed a couple.

A fan with the Twitter handle @glenz_27 said “this man can’t lose,” in reference to Jimmy playing well and rumored to be dating the beautiful Latin songstress. 

@dazedinmiami tweeted this about it … “If Jimmy dates Shakira he’s an instant hall of famer in the #305

@jeremytache tweeted this …. “I will be listening intently to tonight’s postgame locker room music.”

Right now, Butler probably isn’t too focused on his love life as he has to figure out how to help lift his underdog Miami Heat to one more win to secure the franchise’s second NBA Finals appearance in four seasons. 

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