Is LaMelo Ball’s Girlfriend Ana Montana A “Dubai Porta Potty?” Accusations Of Her Involvement In Prostitution Linger

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LaMelo Ball’s girlfriend, Analicia “Ana Montana” Chaves, addressed rumors that she is involved in a prostitution ring. The Instagram model was recently accused of being involved in a sex ring and that she went to Dubai to participate in the activities.

After the accusation, the model took to the comments to clear up her activities in Dubai. It all started when a social media user said, “But u were part of the Dubai and Nigeria portapotty thing ? ANd I just hope u have some good proof of this story u finna talk about cause people went.”

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What Is A Dubai Porta Potty?

“Dubai Porta Potty” is slang for a popular model, usually as validated by her Instagram following, who is flown out to Dubai by a wealthy Emirati who pays her to do whatever sexual favors he desires. The term reportedly was created based on weird fetishes involving excrement and women’s mouths of underground Porta Potty parties. Prostitution is illegal in the United Arab Emirates

Montana responded with a few comments in defense of herself. She denied the assertions that she was involved in what was alleged.

“It’s just rumors none of it is facts! People always tried to make me look like the bad guy but I don’t condone in any of that!”

“To pre game and go to the club together or lay out by the pool and get content, i never witnessed any type of prostitution the fewtimes that i did go.”

Influencer or Sex Workers?

The world of Instagram influencers and models has blown up, and undoubtedly their admirers are vast and international. The Dubai Porta Potty phenomenon has a process that begins with conversations in direct messages where the model is asked if she wants to go to Dubai for an all-expenses-paid trip.

Those in the influencer industry that also double as sex workers face a murkier thin line in terms of their online perception. Once approached, the models in the know begin to discuss numbers for their “services,” and then the veil of modeling goes out the window.

Payment for this shadow world of sexual depravity is reportedly around $5,000 for a standard sexual experience. Then the inquiring client will offer considerable sums of money if the woman is willing to indulge in more unconventional preferences.

Once the terms are agreed upon, generally on video for proof that she is consenting, an NDA is signed, and arrangements are made. With Montana being aligned with Ball for the last two years, it would be a massive scandal if she was embroiled in the Dubai Porta Potty scene.

Ana & LaMelo

The world began to notice the 33-year-old Chaves and the 21-year-old Ball were an item starting in January when Chaves posted to her Instagram Story to share a photo and video of herself modeling a gray logo sweatshirt of Ball’s clothing band, Lafrance, and blue knee-high boots.

Image Credit: Ana Montana Instagram

She wrote in the post’s comments, “LaFrance & u 4 the win,” with a pink heart emoji. Then Ball posted Montana from behind wearing the hoodie and the same boots without showing her face, but it was clear that the model was Montana.

Image Credit: LaMelo Ball Instagram

Chaves is a New Englander from Massachusets that has been romantically linked with Real Madrid soccer player Karim Benzema. She has appeared in several hip-hop videos for artists like Flo Rida and Rick Ross and is a face in the sea of beauties living on the fringes of the sports and entertainment spaces.

Now a world of influence that has been a blessing for the beautiful is becoming a signal for potential illegal activity, and Montana wants to world to know she isn’t a part of it.

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