“Is Kim Kardashian A Prostitute? Is Kris Jenner A Pimp?” | Stephen A. Smith Takes Back Comments About Kardashians After Backlash

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith has been a pretty busy man here in the last few weeks. With his show “First Take” dominating the morning headlines even more than normal with FS1’s “Undisputed” in a tailspin since the departure of Shannon Sharpe, Smith isn’t letting up. He now moonlights pretty often on his steadily rising podcast “The Stephen A. Smith Show.” 

Smith is also an avid tweeter, and he recently caused a bit of a stir in the sports and entertainment world with his tweet about Kim Kardashian and her mother Kris Jenner.

“Is Kim Kardashian a prostitute? Is Kris Jenner a pimp?”

Smith seemed to be insinuating that based on Kardashian’s long dating history of athletes and musicians. But also because fans have always said they believe Jenner, who’s her mom, plays a role in who she dates. 

While Smith did delete the tweet, the damage was already done, and he had to answer for it. 

NBA Player Calls Out Smith For Tweet

In wake of Smith’s tweet, new Philadelphia 76ers guard Patrick Beverley called out the opinionated Smith in a tweet.

“Not cool. She has kids. Should not be the title or topic.”

In a retweet of Beverley’s response to what he said, Smith agreed with Beverley calling it a “clerical error.”

Smith’s failed attempt to use that to promote his podcast where he talked about the infamous Ray J and Kim K sex tape definitely backfired, but he did take it on the chin. 

Smith Prepping For NFL Season On First Take

As the 2023 NFL season nears, Smith and his “First Take” colleagues, are anticipating the possible arrival of the aforementioned Sharpe to sit opposite Smith in the debate chair along with many others. 

Wouldn’t it be something to see Sharpe leave Skip Bayless and end up working with Bayless’s close friend and former partner Smith?

Stay tuned. 

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