Is a Steven Spielberg Goonies Remake in the Works?

Mention The Goonies and many of a certain generation will smile. Mainly babies of the 80’s and 90’s babies, meaning those who actually grew up and were influenced by those decades (not were born in them), remember the quirky story of neighborhood kids who stumble upon an old treasure map and seek to find an old pirate treasure. The original film, which came out in 1985, was a cult classic. And now, Hollywood is keeping to its remake cycle of bringing back what’s old and making it new, by leaking word of a sequel to The Goonies written by director Steven Spielberg who executive produced the original.

This all comes from the mouth of Goonies’ original director, Richard Donner. And although there’s no confirmation from Spielberg yet, if his involvement is indeed true this could work. Many who grew up in that era, now have their own children and would likely expose their young ones to what they vjew as the truth. But will Hollywood outgrow the need to recreate old successes into something new? Not likely, if the 80’s continues to make money, the green machine will keep up its recycling effort until the colors fade.

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