Intoxicated Rob Ford Speaking In Jamaican Patois Is The Best Thing You’ll See All Week

    Richard Sherman and Chris Christie can take a backseat. The Toronto Prince of Hijinks aka the Mayor of World Star, Rob Ford is back for his throne. After a few weeks of limited governing, and lurking in the stands of Buffalo Bills pseudo-home games a new video has emerged of a drunk Ford speaking in Jamaican patois. There's no long delay to determine whether it's actually him as there was after his initial crack video emerged. Rob's brother Doug confirmed that it was him on Tuesday. However, he claims it's an older video based on Rob's weight in the video as if you needed further proof that crack cocaine is a valid weight loss drug..

    "Rob's a lot heavier in that picture I'll tell you right now than what he is now, so it couldn't have been him," Doug said after viewing the video. "Obviously, that's him, but it didn't happen last night."

    At this point, we have enough cell phone footage of Ford actin' a fool to air an hour-long Canada's Funniest Home Video: Rob Ford edition. Just watch.

    When asked whether Rob needed "help" of any kind, Doug replied with this pre-K zinger.

    "Help for what?" Doug asked. "The only person who needs help is you."