Interstellar Debuts New Trailer Attached To Godzilla

Two weeks ago, it was announced that a second Interstellar trailer which divulged a little more information about the plot would be attached to the Godzilla feature. Well, Godzilla debuted on Thursday night and on Friday afternoon, the second Interstellar trailer hit the net. As usual, the cast is rife with faces from previous Christopher Nolan projects like Anne Hathaway (Dark Knight Rises) and Michael Caine, (The Prestige, Dark Knight Trilogy, Inception) but the story is more intimate than we're used to seeing from his most recent blockbusters.

Even though, there have been whispers about Nolan's most recent mysterious project for months and the trailer appears to corroborate many of those rumors. Unlike last year's Gravity, Nolan's tale of space exploration is an ancillary aspect of the plot.

The juxtaposition of a dying Earth and lead protagonist being played by Matthew McConaughey being chosen for a mysterious mission to save Earth is reminiscent of his role in 1997's Contact.

Check out Nolan's silver screen vision of the cosmos for yourself.


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