Influencer YesJulz Quashes Rumors She Is LeBron James’ Side Piece, Says She Has Talent, Not Just A “Fat A**” | Zion Williamson, Take Notes

It is rare when an IG model runs to social media to tell the world she is not dealing with an NBA player romantically, but that is precisely what Miami influencer, YesJulz did to clear the air. She claims to have dealt with rumors of being the side piece of LeBron James for years, and she wants the world to know that it is not going down like that.

“Here’s a fact: I have never in my entire life been alone with LeBron James, period. There is nothing that ever went on there. Clearly, we were friends. I was working in Miami…one of the most popping party promoters in Miami; the Heat was winning, I was a go-to person. I started working with them through Maverick Carter, so I was around, and they supported me.

“Do you think that somebody that is married would tweet and take pictures with and be around and bring somebody that they like doing something with around their family and wife? Common sense.”

However, with the way the internet has been set up, common sense isn’t common and many not only pursue married celebrities but are successful in hooking up with them. YesJulz did admit to a relationship with someone in LeBron’s circle, but who?

Who You With?

“It wasn’t LeBron. Did I have relations with somebody he’s friends with or knows? Did I end up going on dates and trying my hand with someone that was around him at the time? Yeah, I did. We were friends,” YesJulz continued. “We tried dating for a little bit, had a great time, ended up not taking it further than that, and then remained friends. Sorry.

“I have the utmost respect for Savannah. Love her, think she’s amazing. (I’ve) had enough of this stain being put on my name. Joe Budden, all these people just insist that how I got where I was today. It’s nothing to do with my work ethic, nothing to do with the ability that I have to execute better than most of these men out here…just that I have a fat a**.

“Like Lord knows how many opportunities and checks I’ve missed out on simply because dense, gossiping hating a humans want to make up these narratives about me that make it seem like I’m a woman that’s sleeping with a married man whose wife I know.”

Breaking The Side Chick Narrative

YesJulz is a social media influencer and the founder & CEO of 1AM Media, a self-proclaimed “female-founded and operated powerhouse entertainment company” with a creative marketing agency, digital radio station, and management company. The rumor that she has been LeBron’s side chick has swirled around her for almost ten years now, returning to his days as the star player for the Heat. James won two championships there, and like any hot sports moments, the city went up, and so did YesJulz’s opportunities.

However, unlike the popular trend of outing secret trysts with ballers, describing graphic portions of their sexual lives, or shaming them on social media, YesJulz wants the world to know she respects the James family. The fact that she wouldn’t even name who she dated within James’ circle is even rarer.

With Zion Williamson being dragged by a slew of IG models and a former porn star for revenge or clout, the trend leans toxic, but in this case, LeBron and Savannah James are safe. Pay attention, Zion.

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