Inaugural MLB “Field Of Dreams” Game To Happen At Historic Dyersville Iowa Site

By Devon POV Mason | Shadow League Reporter 


Major League Baseball is not exactly known for it’s innovation and creativity when it comes to growing “America’s Pastime”. But I have to give Commissioner Rob Manfred and his team just credit for the idea of playing a regular season game at the original site of the movie “Field of Dreams.”



Manfred toured the site in 2016 and in 2019 it was then decided to play a real, live, meaningful baseball game at the historic Field of Dreams site in Dyersville, Iowa.

A move universally loved by fans of the sport like myself.

In an ode to the 1989 classic movie, Field of Dreams (filmed in the same location) and the 1919 Black Sox Scandal (a supporting theme in the movie), the White Sox are slated to play in the historic game against the Yankees.

Significant changes to the site were required to make it hospitable for a Major League game and the regulations that came along with that, and construction began almost immediately.

A second, much larger field was built in the surrounding cornfields, with a path carved through the corn leading attendees to the stadium.

Of course the sightlines and renderings shared were absolutely beautiful and, the official plan was to build a stadium to allow 8,000 fans to experience this historic event in person.

Due to divisional realignment during the 2020 season as a result of COVID-19 protocols, the St. Louis Cardinals were set to take the Yankees’ place. However, that game was not meant to be, at least in 2020.

MLB officially canceled the event one year after announcing it. This was a big blow for White Sox fans and especially those located in Iowa who were awaiting this game and moment in history.

Thankfully, the preparation and excitement did not go in vain. It was confirmed in late 2020 that pending the COVID-19 situation, the game would be back this August.

Well here we are all ready lathered up and prepared for some baseball and history to be made.

The hope is to see White Sox fans flood the area and cheer their beloved team on as someone changes the course of baseball history in the corn field of Iowa. Kevin Costner, the central character of the classic film, is also expected to be in attendance.

A big party is expected in Dyersville, IA.



I even heard someone say, to get ready for the game they’re gonna watch the speech from the movie given by the great James Earl Jones.

Yes it can give you chills, but I don’t think I’m gonna go that far, but I’ll definitely be tuned in.

Festivities began on Wednesday as the youth 14-and-under, DREAM and White Sox ACE programs played in a game titled “A Dream Fulfilled.”

That moniker itself couldn’t have been more appropriate. With the greatest White Sox player ever Frank Thomas leading the White Sox Ace squad and former Yankee great Alex Rodriguez leading the DREAM.

Point blank MLB hit this one way out of the ballpark.

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